About RCAS

About RCAS

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Alabama State University has hosted an annual symposium where research and creative work come together to suggest new ideas and possibilities. Until 2020, the symposium took place on the ASU campus. That spring, the RCAS was set to open a regional conference with scholars from Alabama joining colleagues from neighboring states. The loss we felt when COVID cancelled the gathering prompted us to redesign our format so that safety and social distancing would not hinder this meeting of minds.

The RCAS is still dedicated to opening a forum for the rich variety of work scholars and creatives do in the liberal arts and social sciences. To that end, we look forward to this year’s asynchronous virtual symposium, 2020: The Good and Bad.


2021 RCAS Committee

Dr. Ivon Alcime, Chair

Mr. Michael Bean

Dr. John Craig

Dr. Lynne Schneider