Prerequisite Courses

ALL applications MUST go through PTCAS at

Students will be instructed on HOW to apply to the ASU Graduate School AFTER they receive notification from the Physical Therapy Program on their acceptance.

Application Deadlines: November 1 of each year No Exceptions

Deadline type: Firm

Important Dates: Application must be complete and verified by PTCAS no later than the November 1 deadline of each year.  No exceptions. To have the best opportunity to achieve this, applicants are strongly recommended to make sure their application is complete by October 1 and to check often for the emails from PTCAS regarding any required updates prior to November 1.

On campus interviews are required for selected applicants as part of the application process.


GPA Requirement:

Overall Undergraduate Cumulative: 3:0

Program-specific Prerequisite: 3.0



Scores are required with minimum scores of Verbal 150 or Analytic of 3.5, or Recommended MAT Score 385

GRE scores must be reported on the PTCAS application by the application deadline. Scores not reported will result in incomplete application.


Observation Hours

 Applicants must submit documentation of observation hours to PTCAS by the November 1 deadline. More than 1 setting required. Documentation of observation hours not submitted by the deadline will result in an incomplete application status.

Strongly recommended applicants observe at least 3 or more settings.

Program's PT hour’s requirement:

PT hours are required - a licensed PT must verify hours w/ signed form uploaded or online via PTCAS

Total number of PT hours REQUIRED: 80

DEADLINE for completion of all PT hours: Application deadline of each year no exceptions

Paid:  Accepted/Considered

Volunteer:  Accepted/Considered

Inpatient:  Accepted/Considered

Outpatient:  Accepted/Considered 


Number of references required by program: 3

Submit three letters of recommendation to PTCAS1 must be from a licensed PT and the others from an instructor, academic advisor or recent employer who can evaluate academic abilities and character. NO FAMILY MEMBER!

Please be sure that all letters of recommendation are submitted to PTCAS by the application deadline. Failure to do so will result in an incomplete application status.


 Course Prerequisites 

 Bachelor's degree required prior to matriculation into PT program? Yes

Prerequisite Course Requirements


  Credit     Hours 




General Biological Science      course with lab


 General Psychology


Biology elective with lab such as: Bio 2, cell, microbiology, histology, etc. NOT BOTANY                          


 Developmental Psychology: must be through the lifespan


Human Anatomy with lab **


Elective Psychology, Sociology, Ethics, or Anthropology 


Human Physiology with lab **




College Chemistry I & II with labs


1 English Writing/Composition course beyond the basic English Comp course


College Physics I & II with labs


Oral Communication, Public Speaking or Speech 


Math: Pre-calculus/Trig  or higher  





** Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II may be substituted for separate courses in human anatomy and physiology

**Anatomy and/or Physiology (A&P) course prerequisites MUST be completed in biology, neuroscience, anatomy, or integrated physiology department


General information

PTCAS essay is required 

Deposit Required: Yes

Deposit Amount Required for Accepted Applicants: $400.00

Additional Information about Deposit: Non-Refundable

Program conducts interviews as part of the admissions process? Yes

PT program start date for entering class August of each academic year.

Size of most recent entering class 24

Anticipated size of next entering class 24


If you would like to meet with faculty/staff from the PT Program and visit our facility, please

call 334-229-4709 or email