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ASU Physical Therapy Mission and Philosophy

Our Vision

The vision of the ASU PT Program is to graduate entry-level general practitioners who develop lifelong learning skills, adapt to the ever-changing health care environment, and utilizes evidence-based practice in serving the diverse population with emphasis on the medically underserved areas/populations.

Our Mission

The mission of ASU Physical Therapy program is to prepare and graduate reflective physical therapy practitioners who are lifelong learners and practice with cultural competency and humility in a global society.  The program is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of underserved and underrepresented populations by educating students who reflect those communities.   

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Alabama State University’s Physical Therapy Program (ASU PT) is based on the belief that concepts from the physical, biological, and social sciences serve as the foundation for physical therapy education and practice.  Therefore, the elements of prevention, examination, evaluation, and intervention are based on the application of these concepts for a better understanding of patient’s physical, psychological, and social condition, thereby enhancing overall physical therapy management. Furthermore, we believe that individual and cultural differences have a significant impact on health, illness, disability, and recovery.  Consequently, the program attempts to address these issues throughout the didactic and clinical curricula for achieving meaningful patient outcomes.

We believe that learning is an interactive process that is most effective when the following conditions are in place:

  1. Objectives are clear, attainable and meaningful to the learner;

  2. A variety of learning experiences are planned for the attainment of objectives, and are arranged so  that they provide continuity, reinforcement and association, building on prior knowledge and experiences;

  3. The learner is provided opportunities to utilize critical thinking in applying knowledge, concepts, and principles in a variety of situations;

  4. Individual variables and environmental factors are considered in meeting the needs of the learner, and;

  5. Measurable outcomes are produced.

We believe that in this physical therapy program, students function best in a supportive and nurturing environment.  We offer advising and mentoring to ensure that students have, on a continuous basis, the opportunity to express their needs and obtain the tools to self-assess for lifelong learning.

We believe that our program should prepare students to function in specific ways. The program, through its curriculum (including evidence for current practice), supports an appropriate learning environment, and exemplary professional behaviors reflect our attempt to produce practitioners who can function competently, compassionately, and autonomously.  The program is charged with producing entry-level, professional general practitioners, capable of serving the community. We believe that the program provides the graduates with the potential to respond effectively to the ever-changing demands of the profession, society, and the health care environment.