M.S. in Occupational Therapy (OT) Curriculum


Fall Year 1

Advanced Gross Human Anatomy*
Theory of Occupational Therapy
Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy
Ethics & Professional Development
Intro to Rehabilitation Professions*
Patient Care Concepts*

Spring Year 1        

Occupation through the Lifespan
Analysis of Occupation
Therapeutic Measurement
Intro to Research & Evidence Based Practice*

Summer Year 1

Administration and Management
Disease and Occupation
Research in Health Professions*
Fieldwork Level I (1 of 3)

Fall Year 2

Physical Dysfunction I
Therapeutic Interventions and Special Topics
Psychosocial Dysfunction I
Assistive Technology*
Community Based Intervention
Research Topics
Fieldwork Level I (2 of 3)

SpringYear 2 

Physical Dysfunction II
Psychosocial Dysfunction II
Documentation & Professional Writing
Professional Seminar
Research Capstone
Fieldwork Level I (3 of 3)

Summer Year 2

Fieldwork Level II (A)

Fall Year 3

Fieldwork Level II (B)

Interprofessional education courses are noted with an asterisk (*).