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The Undergraduate Certificate in Maternal and Child Health is now available to all Alabama State University majors and all classifications.This certificate will allow students to gain a better understanding and working knowledge of maternal and child health issues, policy and career options. This program is designed to foster the personal, occupational and professional growth of the undergraduate student interested in careers that affect women and children.

The Certificate in Maternal and Child Health requires 18 credit hours, including six (8 cr.) required courses and (10 cr.) from a list of support/related courses. Completion of the certificate is noted on the student's transcript.

Required Coursework:

MCHP 200 Introduction to Maternal and Child Health  2 (first course)
MCHP 201  Emerging Health Issues in MCH  2
MCHP 297-397 Professional Development Seminars  2
MCHP 398 Fieldwork I   1
MCHP 399 Fieldwork II  1
Other Support/Related Courses (see MCH Advisor for course selection) 10
    TOTAL 18

Eligibility and How To Apply

To be eligible for the certificate, students must complete the following requirements in addition to all requirements for the baccalaureate degree program of their choice.

Submit an application to the Maternal and Child Health Improvement Program the semester prior to enrolling in core courses.The application form, including a statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, and an official transcript from the University, must be furnished to be considered for admission to the Certificate Program.

Application Deadlines

March 7 - Summer Session
June 7 - Fall Session
October 7 - Spring Session