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The Laboratory


Lab construction8.jpg

The biomechanics laboratory is in room 310 of the Buskey Health Sciences Building.










An 8-camera Vicon motion capture system is used to record kinematics. The system has six model T10, two model T20 cameras, and one high speed (240 Hz) digital camera.  The cameras can track a marker to within +/- 0.1 mm (95% CI).  Vicon Nexus 1.8.3 is used for data acquisition and Matlab 2013b is used for data reduction.

Lab construction7.jpg

 The lab contains a 7.2 m (24 ft) long elevated walkway with two AMTI model OR6 force platforms.  Platform location is hidden by the square pattern painted on the walkway.  These force platforms measure the ground reaction force and moments about three axes (six degrees of freedom) and are so sensitive, you can see your heart beat in the force trace.












Hicks in lab2.png

force pedal 1


force pedal 2

The Laboratory has been loaned (indefinitely) an instrumented stationary bicycle from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  This bicycle contains a set of dual piezoelectric element transducers mounted at the foot/pedal interface (four degree of freedoms) that allow us to measure the amount of force generated by each leg.  There are only seven of these systems working in the world.

Laboratory Renovation

The next series of photographs highlight how far the lab has come since we started renovating the space to use the new Vicon Motion Capture system.  

Lab construction0.jpg

The lab was originally very cluttered.

lab construction1.jpg

The beginning of our rail system.

lab construction2.jpg



Lindsey was our first grad student.

Lab construction3.jpg

First data collection was Feb 6, 2013.


Demonstration for local cyclists.

Lab construction4.jpg

Dexter and other MSPO students 

taking time from their summer to help

rebuild the walkway.

Lab construction5.jpg

Fitting the top on the platform was 


Lab 1

Finished walkway.

Lab 4

Lab construction6.jpg

The stripes were had painted to the

location of the force platforms.