Cheryl Lang’s New Book Reminds Women of God’s Mercy and Grace

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A worshiper and lover of being in the presence of God, author Cheryl Lang now writes to share her life with God after redemption.


Cheryl Lang, director of the Violence Against Wo(men) Program at Alabama State University, recently penned a new book titled, “Woman, Art Thou Loosed?” (published by Xlibris). The book aims to speak to the hearts of women and give them the answer, strength and encouragement they need to bring their spiritual journey into total victory.


“Woman, Art Thou Loosed?” is written not to boast about the author’s years of service but to reveal God’s mercy and grace that supersedes all man’s services and self-righteousness. By sharing the personal experiences and circumstances that occurred throughout her life as she lives and learns, Lang hopes to encourage readers to trust that the love of God will see them through. It is her intent to exhort women, who have worked for years and served with all their hearts, yet came to a crossroad and missed it, that this is the perfect time to experience what she/they have ministered about to others, which is the awesome grace and mercy of God like never before.


“There will be those who will nail you to the cross, but receive what God is giving you from the experience,” Lang said. “He uses everything we go through to better equip us for service. That is a lesson that will let you know whether or not, woman, if thou art really loosed. Loosed from you and loosed from others,” the author states, reminding readers that, “No matter what choices you've made in life, it ain't over.”


An excerpt from the book reads:

“Have you entangled yourself, or art thou loosed and you are just standing still? Realize that you have what it takes to take a walk. Woman, art thou loosed? I just heard the Spirit say, “Thou art loosed.” Girl, no matter what the season, go on and shine. The Father has got you.”


“Woman, Art Thou Loosed?”

By Cheryl Lang

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 60 pages | ISBN 9781796015485

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 60 pages | ISBN 9781796015461

E-Book | 60 pages | ISBN 9781796015478

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About the Author

Cheryl Lang is a daughter of the Most High. She was saved and spirit filled in 1986. She was ordained in ministry after 13 years of training and service in one local ministry where she was very active for 23 years. She served as founder and director of the dance ministry and senior citizens’ ministry in her church. She also held positions as director of pastoral care, sisterhood, new members training, water baptism and co-coordinator of singles ministry. She is most grateful for serving as a lead minister for the ministry of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. She has traveled abroad, and nationally ministering the word and laying hands on the sick. Her passion is touching those that no one else wants to touch.  Those who feel like no one sees or no one cares, then offering help and hope. She says, the refreshing that comes from helping others is amazing.  Lang is also the author of “Dancing on the Wings of His Love.”