Challenge: Donors Share Why They Give to ASU 

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By Hazel Scott / ASU   

There are many reasons alums and other supporters give back to a university: to show appreciation for the education and development the school provided them; to provide others with a similar experience; to stay connected to the college community; and even to reap the social and emotional benefits associated with being a donor.  

Starting Wednesday, June 24, Alabama State University donors, including alums, will participate in a social media challenge, Why I Give Wednesdays, where they will share why they choose to invest in ASU and challenge others to do the same.  Supporters are asked to post and tag ASU social media pages on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter. 

"ASU is grateful for the many alumni, community members and students who give to ASU, and we wanted to set aside a day to simply let them share why they invest," said Audrey Parks, annual giving coordinator in the Office of Development.   

The challenge, which is June 24, July 1, 7 and 14, is part of the virtual festivities leading up to ASU’s 153rd birthday that will honor the University’s commitment to academic excellence and its proud tradition. 

Another challenge, the Hornet Nation Rise Up Challenge, has ASU alumni coming together once again to help students struggling due to COVID-19. Many students have experienced challenges such as food insecurities and lack of access to technology. Alumni who have already made donations are challenging other ASU alumni to give a monetary gift to ensure the Promise of a Bright Future for ASU students.  

The goal is to raise $50,000 by ASU’s birthday on July 18, 2020. 

“Hopefully these funds will impact our students’ financial health,” Parks said. 

As part of the challenge, members of the Hornet Family have been placed on teams based primarily on the decade in which they graduated.  

You can join the Hornet Nation Rise Up Challenge by visiting or if you wish to make a donation by phone, contact the Office of Development at 334-229-4563.  

Protest the Nest and stay Hornet Strong. 







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