Professional Dresscode

Dress Code

COBA will exercise mandatory professional business attire for students, staff and faculty on all Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On those days, all students, staff and faculty will wear professional business attire as described below.

For Men

  • 2 piece suit in a solid color (black, blue or gray).
  • White or neutral-colored dress shirt.
  • Tie in a simple pattern that matches the colors of your suit.
  • Polished dress shoes in a dark color.
  • Dark socks.
  • Limited jewelry and no earrings or piercings.
  • Minimal cologne.

For Women        

  • Neutral colored suit with pants or skirt (black, brown, navy or gray).
  • Skirt length should be just below the knee.
  • Coordinated blouse (cotton or silk).
  • Moderate shoes--basic pumps. No strappy sandals or platforms.
  • Tan or light hosiery that is flawless (no runs).
  • Simple accessories. No visible body piercings.
  • Minimal makeup and perfume.
  • Neat, professional hairstyle and manicured nails.

On all other days, the dress code in COBA will be business casual as described below.

  • Khaki Slacks or Skirts Dresses/Suits/Skirt Ensembles
  • Dress Slacks for Men/Women Dress Pumps for Women
  • Collared Shirts or Collared Blouses Suits/Ties, Sports Jacket/Ties
  • Polo or Golf Shirts
  • Dress Shoes or Comfortable Walking Shoes