Student Achievement

The university maintains data on graduation on its web site. It is an interactive dashboard developed using Tableau. Our target is that the COBA UG graduation should be around 20% of the ASU UG graduation.  These targets are being met despite the decline in uG enrollment at the University. Please visit

Table 1 Performance Expectations for Student Achievement


The enrollment in table is at 5 times the graduation data.

Successful transfer of credit

The university has a clearly defined process for transfer of credits. The credits are evaluated by the Admission office. The state wide articulation agreement has simplified the whole process. For students that transfer from out of state, the admission office seeks the help of the chair and the dean. One measure of successful transfer of credit is displayed in the sheet for Spring 23 graduates. Over 19% of the students graduated in less than 4 years suggesting that the university/college has policy and procedures that are effective and efficient. The university uses PeopleSoft as the ERP. 

The university maintains 1st year retention rates for each major. The data for 2021 Chart is displayed  in the sheet and is also displayed below. 


The first year retention is at 59%. Most of the students that we enrol are from low-income families and first generation students. The most important reason for such a low retention is for financial reasons. 

Acceptance into graduate programs

Successful transfer of credit

Because of the challenges in enrolment, transfer of credits is being watched by the Dean. A testament of the successful  transfer of credit is the fact that 9 transfer students graduated in less than 3 years.

External Certification

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AWS Cloud Practitioner 25
Alteryx 25