Thomas Taylor

taylorMr. Taylor has working with small business development programs and initiatives for the past 25 years. Prior to joining the Alabama State University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in 2009, he served as: Director of Minority Business Development for the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce; and as a Marketing and Advertising Consultant for the Montgomery Advertiser newspaper.

Mr. Taylor is an Army veteran and a graduate of Tuskegee University. He holds the following business recognitions: Alabama SBDC Network Certified Professional Business Advisor; Certified Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) Professional; Certified Department of Veterans Affairs Verification Assistance Counselor; and Certified NxLevel® Program Instructor.
Mr. Taylor was recently featured in the January 2017 issue of the Montgomery Business Journal. An extract from “Government Contracts 101” is reproduced below:
Businesses that already do business with the government know that government contracts can be an integral piece of their success puzzle. But for many, the concept is shrouded in mystery and the misperception that it’s too complicated or that their business is too small or that it simply doesn’t offer anything the government wants.
According to Lisa McGinty, the Executive Director of The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce’s Business Re­source Center, these ideas are untrue. “Almost any business can go after government contracts, whether city, county, state or federal,” she said. “Government entities all operate like independent nations, and any product or service you offer, from office supplies to civil engineering services, is likely something they need.”
There are specific processes and steps that must be fol­lowed, but the potential pros far outweigh the cons. “Getting started is a procedure, but the bottom line is, you can do it,” said Thomas Taylor, Senior Small Business Advisor and Procurement Specialist at the Ala­bama Small Business Development Center Network’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), located at Alabama State University. “Government contracts are absolutely worth pursuing. I would advise any business, especially a small business, to look into them. The opportunities are re­ally endless.”
Indeed, government contracts can aid you in increasing your business’ size, abilities and profits. “I have seen a small business of just 1 to 2 people grow quickly due mainly to it getting a federal government contract,” said Temisha Young, Director, Community Strategies. Taylor echoed Young. “Contracts really expand your opportunities by ex­panding your revenue and growing your business,” he said.

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