Paula Humphrey

paulaMs. Paula Ann Humphrey was born and raised on Jackson Street in Montgomery, Alabama. After graduating from high school in 2000, she started working at Alabama State University as a custodian in the dormitories. She gradually worked her way up to the President’s house and is currently the Executive Housekeeper for the President. She enjoys working at Alabama State University because of the students, the faculty members, and the historic value of the school. Although she is the executive housekeeper for the President, she volunteers to keep the other buildings in the school clean, especially the College of Business.

Ms. Paula enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and volunteering at high schools. She derives her inspiration from her kids and they are the reason she works hard. She has always wanted to be a doctor because she loves helping people and making a difference. Ms. Paula stated “If I could change anything in the world, it would the discrimination that exists amongst races, sex, and religion”.

The College of Business appreciates all of her dedication, not only to the University through her superior work performance, but because of her caring and genuine love and concern for the student body.  Ms. Paula has been instrumental in fostering relationships and bringing attention to student issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. This has afforded COBA a unique opportunity to refer students to key support and counseling services provided by the university, which indirectly impacts retention efforts. Ms. Humphrey is more than a custodian; she is a vital part of the fabric of the institution.