Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

The Percy J. Vaughn, Jr. College of Business Administration has been inspiring future leaders at the undergraduate level for over 50 years. Now, we bring that strength to the graduate level with our affordable, accessible, accelerated MBA program. 

Our MBA program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles and practices while equipping them with the skills necessary to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

One Year Program, Online – Fall, Spring, or Summer start dates. Apply Here


In order to meet the needs of working professionals, we offer the flexibility to learn online or in-person.

Online Learning: To accommodate students who may face geographical constraints or have scheduling conflicts, we provide an online learning option for the MBA program. Through our robust online learning platform, students can access course materials, participate in virtual discussions, submit assignments, and engage in interactive learning activities. This format allows students to complete their coursework remotely while still benefiting from the expertise of our faculty members and engaging with their peers. The online option allows for both a synchronous and asynchronous modality. Lectures are recorded and posted on the LMS.

HyFlex Model: In addition to online instruction, we offer a HyFlex model for the MBA program. The HyFlex format offers both in-person and online learning experiences simultaneously. While some students attend regular in-person sessions at our campus location, the majority of our students attend classes online. The online component allows students to access course materials, participate in virtual discussions, submit assignments, and engage in various interactive learning activities, providing flexibility and convenience while maintaining the benefits of face-to-face interactions.

The MBA core curriculum includes courses in management, marketing, finance, supply chain, communications, analytics, and strategy.


Course Number and Title Credit Hours
Required Courses (21 hours):
ACT 526 - Advanced Managerial/Cost Accounting  3 hours
FIN 520 - Financial Management  3 hours
MGT 520 - Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3 hours
MGT 570 - Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 hours
MGT 580 - Business Analytics/Quantitative Analysis  3 hours
MGT 590 - Strategic Management 3 hours
MKT 510 - Marketing Management 3 hours
Project Management Track Requirements (9 hours):
MGT 575 - Advanced Project Management I 3 hours
MGT 576 - Advanced Project Management II  3 hours
MGT 577 - Management Project Analytics 3 hours
General Electives (choose any three- 9 hours):
MGT 561 - Human Resource 3 hours
MGT 563 - Entrepreneurship 3 hours
MKT 520 - Global Marketing 3 hours
CIS 550 - Data Cleansing, Integration, and Visualization 3 hours
ACT course (as approved by the advisor) 3 hours
Project Management Course (as approved by the advisor) 3 hours
Enterprise Resource Planning Course (as approved by the advisor) 3 hours
TOTAL 30 Hours


Advantages of an MBA

  • Students who graduate with an MBA will learn business fundamentals such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking and analytical skills. Delving further into the curriculum, a well-designed MBA balances a core curriculum that focuses on accounting, ethics, finance, marketing, and macro/microeconomics with electives that help build leadership skills, including networking, student conferences, and advanced student projects.
  • Develop advanced and flexible management skills by forcing you out of your comfort zone. It is an investment in yourself.
  • Access to a network filled with classmates, faculty, alumni, and business connections 
  • Some of the highest salaries in the job market. A QS Jobs and Salary Reports noted that the average MBA salary in the United States is $102,100 versus a Payscale survey that noted a few years earlier the average income was $88,137
  • Can start your own company from scratch
  • MBAs are challenging, but not difficult. An MBA is as difficult as you make, and as rewarding as you invest in it
  • It improves employability. A Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) survey found that 60 percent of students prefer an MBA to other graduate degrees and employers continue to desire an MBA.
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First Graduating MBA Class-August 2023