In 1969 Alabama State University’s Business Program was known as the “Division of Business Economics. Within this department, the programs offered were Business Administration, Business Education, and Economics. This led to students receiving a Bachelor of Science degree. Also, if completed, students were able to qualify for the Class B Secondary Professional certificate, of Business Education. Dr. Yang H. Kim, the Acting Chairman during this time period, tied Business, Economics, and Education into one program. 

In the Fall of 1975, Dr. Percy J. Vaughn was named as the dean of the Division. From this point on, the Division of Business Economics was now known as the College of Business Administration or for short, “COBA”. The programs that led to students receiving a Bachelor of Science degree were departments such as Accounting and Finance, Computer Information Systems, Economics, and Management & Marketing. Within the period of time, a minor was not at hand, but a double major was. On the other hand, an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration was attainable, but only to a number of students, under honorable advisement, as well as only needing to obtain a two-year degree.

Dr. Le-Quita Booth was introduced as the dean of COBA in the Spring of 2010 directly replacing Dr. Vaughn after a long and successful tenure. In the next six years COBA kept on developing and established itself as one of the most reputable colleges on campus. After Dr. Booth, Dr. Kamal Hingorani became an Interim Dean on June 13, 2016. Four years later, Dr. Hingorani is still the dean of COBA. Within this period of time, many changes have been made. Students are now able to have a minor. The College of Business Administration’s name change was unveiled on the building in 2016. College of Business Administration is now known as the Percy J. Vaughn College of Business Administration, to honor the former dean of the college.