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Xi Repair, LLC - Montgomery AL

Jonathan Strange - Xi Repair
Mr. Jonathan Strange - Owner Xi Repair

   Mr. Jonathan Strange is a local Montgomery resident. He  started his phone and mobile device repair company in 2014  out of his home. 

    Persistence, dedication, and choosing the right team helped  Jonathan get his company to where it is today. Xi Repair  started out with just Jonathan and a few tools, but over the  past two years they have scaled from his home to two retail  locations in Montgomery, Alabama. Growing Xi Repair from  one team member to 10 was extremely difficult due to little   to no training and minimal workforce experience in the  consumer electronics  repair industry. When they hired their  first employee there were no technical training courses or certifications available, so they created their own.

However, the biggest challenge Jonathan had was developing the trust and 5-star reputation needed to convince grown adults to hand their $1,000 tech devices to an ambitious teenager. He was aware of his age and so were his customers, but he gave them such good service and unforgettable experiences that they told their friends and those friends told their friends and before you knew it, they couldn't keep up with the demand.

Jonathan discovered what services the SBDC offered while sitting in the lobby of the local city licensing department. He picked up an SBDC flyer that described the different types of services he could receive. He gave the Alabama SBDC at Alabama State University a call, and the rest is history.