B.S. Computer Information Systems

Get your Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Alabama State University and get ready to join one of the fastest growing and best paid industries in the world. The B.S. in Computer Information Systems prepares you for a wide variety of professional careers requiring the development and management of computer information systems in business, industry or government.

In addition to the CIS curriculum, you’ll benefit from a myriad of experiences including hands-on computer use, coaching, discussion, field trips, applied team projects in the business community and case studies.

Programs such as our Business Cooperative Education Program allow you to secure paid business internships, which will greatly enhance your resume once you graduate. In addition, community service is a core commitment of ASU’s College of Business Administration, so you’ll find many opportunities to make a difference by giving back.

With a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from ASU, you’ll gain the sound foundation in theory and skills necessary to pursue graduate degrees in CIS, and you’ll be well prepared to pursue employment in the field.

Certification Programs

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Minors in the College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration (COBA) offers the following minors for non-COBA majors


The current course curriculum for the computer information systems program can be found here.