B.S. in Marketing

The Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Alabama State University provides students with a solid foundation in marketing concepts, strategies and practices.

Through a diverse suite of courses, you’ll gain a sound understanding of what it takes to succeed in the marketing industry, from building and managing brands to helping companies design, package, advertise and distribute services and products. You’ll develop the critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills necessary to be a driving force in the field.

You’ll benefit from the College of Business Administration’s extensive network of corporate and non-profit leaders through internships, guest lectures and networking opportunities, all with the goal of providing you with real-world insight and experiences. And programs such as our Business Cooperative Education Program allow you to secure paid business internships, which will greatly enhance your resume once you graduate. In addition, community service is a core commitment of ASU’s College of Business Administration, so you’ll find various opportunities to make a difference by giving back.

ASU’s marketing program will fully prepare you to enter a wide variety of professional careers in areas such as advertising, professional sales, retail and brand management and market research, or to pursue related graduate and professional training.

Minors in the College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration (COBA) offers the following minors for non-COBA majors:

  • Minor in Accounting
  • Minor in Finance
  • Minor in Computer Information Systems 
  • Minor in Management
  • Minor in Marketing


The current course curriculum for the marketing program can be found here.