Caribbean Carnival Comes to ASU Campus

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 By Christian Starkey/ASU Intern

The Alabama State University’s Office of Diversity and International Affairs hosted the first-ever Global Carnival on Wednesday, Feb.12, in the John Garrick Hardy Student Center Cyber Lounge. 

The Glocarnival2bal Carnival celebrated the practice of carnivals all around the world.  Students and other attendees got a chance to see how other cultures, especially the Caribbean culture, celebrate this festive event. 

Highlights of the carnival included posters of Caribbean countries, a display of beads, carnival costumes,   and videos from Miami’s Caribbean carnival were shown.

There was an upbeat vibe as several people danced and sung along to the Afro pop music.  Refreshments included jerk chicken and a drink called sorrel, a traditional Christmas punch in the Caribbean. 

Students got a chance to talk with other students from a different culture as well as the events’ coordinator Debra Jones, who stated it, was a chance to experience a little bit of a Caribbean celebration.

“I noticed all the bright colors and that’s what attracts me.  You got good smells, good food, and good music,” said Taiga Davis, a psychology major at ASU.

ASU has 10 students and two professors of Caribbean descent that were all invited to the event.