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Pictured above is ASU's Jason Caffey with fellow NBA Bulls great Michael Jordan (contributed by Caffey).

On Jan. 12:
Chicago Bulls to Pay Tribute to ASU Student Jason Caffey in "Ring of Honor Induction Ceremony" 
- Caffey Being Recognized by The Bulls as a Member of the Best Bulls Team in NBA History.
By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU
Alabama State University student, 51 year-old Jason Caffey,  will be honored by the Chicago Bulls at the team’s Jan. 12 home game against the Golden State Warriors. Caffey, a full-time Physical Education major at ASU, will be part of a Ring of Honor Induction Ceremony, highlighting the players and coaching staff of the Bulls’ 1995-1996 team, considered to be the Bulls best National Basketball Association (NBA) team ever. 
In 1995, Caffey dropped out of the University of Alabama at the onset of his senior year after signing a multi-million dollar contract with the Bulls. He became one of the team’s star players alongside the likes of Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman, under the tutelage of legendary Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson.
Caffey, a Mobile native, shared that he decided in the summer of 2023 to complete his bachelor's degree after he became enamored with Alabama State University after meeting ASU President Quinton T. Ross, Jr. and Athletic Director Jason Cable. Soon after their encounter, he enrolled during ASU's 2023 summer session with nine hours worth of classes in Physical Education, earning all "A's.” He also did so well academically during the recent Fall 2023 semester that he was named to the University’s Dean's List. Caffey anticipates graduating in December 2024.
"I am so excited to be honored by The Bulls on Jan. 12 at its home game and to again be with so many of its best to ever to play in the NBA, and with our fabulous leader, then  coach, Phil Jackson," Caffey said. "This special accomplishment is a dream-come-true to me, being inducted into The Bulls Ring of Honor class. I would have never dreamed in a million years that I would be recognized again by the Bulls and to be with my former teammates once more as the team and NBA fans give us this accolade."
Caffey explained that playing for the Bulls is among the best things he has ever accomplished in his life.
"Playing with Chicago was an incredible experience for me and getting to be friends and a fellow player with the likes of Jordan and Rodman was just the icing on the cake, as we all put together an incredible team that was the best of the best," shared Caffey. "Jordan was an intense player ALL of the time who coached himself as much as Coach Jackson directed him, and he thoroughly knew his plan and that of all the other players. He was a very serious player with incredible skills who never missed a single practice and helped motivate the rest of us. Rodman, who was also a very talented player, was much less serious and a lot more entertaining to be around, yet winning was also a motivational factor in all of his preparation and game work, too."
Caffey said that he always has had a positive opinion of ASU, beginning when  he was the standout statewide basketball player at Mobile's W.T. Davidson High School and continuing during his three years as a student-athlete at The University of Alabama. 
"I chose to enroll with the University of Alabama after graduating high school because I knew I would be more noticed by NBA scouts by playing for them and hopefully to get signed to play b-ball professionally, which is just what happened," Caffey stated. "During the last few years, I have felt inclined to want to work full time with a University, but to do so would require a bachelor's degree, which is why I enrolled at ASU."
Caffey’s journey to becoming an ASU student began when he decided to attend a Hornets basketball game in 2022 and learned about the laudable history that has been made by ASU alumni and employees. He also learned how important it can be for Black students to attend an HBCU; so, he enrolled at ASU. 
"After spending time speaking with President Ross, Dr. Rolle  and Dr. Cable, I became impressed with ASU's legacy of history; and upon researching it in-depth, I learned of our founding in 1867 by nine former slaves — making ASU one of the nation's first historically black colleges or universities (HBCUs) — and its helping to organize America's modern Civil Rights Movement and so much more. I knew that completing my undergraduate degree at an important HBCU like ASU was exactly what I needed to do to lead me through the rest of my life, especially since I wanted to work for a university," Caffey said.
He explained that he has become so impressed with ASU and its leaders that he is motivated to finish his professional career at an HBCU.
"The Bull's Ring of Honor Ceremony on Jan. 12 is important to me because it recognizes how well we played in 1995-1996. The positive attention it has given me, and with my soon to be ASU degree in Physical Education, has made me think of how much I would like to be employed with another winner like the Bulls," said Caffey. "Playing for the Bulls and the upcoming ring ceremony is important, but I feel that it would be just as important to me to be an employee at some other important HBCU."
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