BOT President Nuclear Expert; Leads Panel in Washington, D.C.

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BOT President Dillard Moderates Nuclear Deterrent Conference Panel in Washington, D.C.
By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU
The President of the Board of Trustees at Alabama State University, Brenda Brown Dillard, is a national authority in the field of nuclear energy and weaponry and works diligently to promote diversity within the field. On February 14, she moderated a panel at the the national Nuclear Deterrent Conference in Washington, D.C. The discussion  was titled “Engage Diverse Talent, Promote Innovation and Engineer Futures.”
Dillard, as the vice president of strategic partnerships at the Minority Serving Institution Research and Development Consortium (MSRDC), advises departments of the United States government, business, education and industry. 

"My panel was a conversation about creating and engaging diverse talent to help explore current and future programs to meet the mission needs in the nuclear field, so as to promote and encourage agencies of the national government to utilize the workforce of Historic Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) on a national scale," Dillard said by phone from Australia.

The MSRDC is a collective of high-performing researchers and collaborative partners who are on a mission to elevate research, advise and promote programs as its members enjoy a close and unique access to federal program managers in the nuclear energy and military fields. The consortium consists of subject-matter experts such as Dillard, who serve as advisors. 
Dillard explained that the purpose of her panel was to educate both HBCUs and the United States government about the many intersections of scholars that lend themselves to diversity and inclusiveness.
"It is important to utilize the work of the MSRDC to bring our HBCUs up-to-speed on the ability to have research and development capabilities on their campuses in the nuclear field, so as to lift up both faculty and students with employment with such entities as the National Nuclear Security Administration, the U.S. Department of Energy and key multinational employers," Dillard stated. "I'm proud to say that the Minority Serving Institution Research and Development Consortium, where I am employed, is working closely with President Ross at Alabama State to ensure that we bring about increased diversity and inclusiveness for the University due to his leadership and his insight serving on President Biden's special committee on White House Initiatives for HBCUs." 
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