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Paulette Edwards and Christopher Spencer

Paulette Edwards and Christopher Spencer

ASU Board of Trustees Sworn In during Recent Retreat; Striving for Continued Greatness 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

The 14 members of the Alabama State University Board of Trustees (BOT/Board) were sworn in during a recent retreat. The Board includes two new members. 

"We would like to welcome the two newest members of our Board, who are Paulette Edwards and Christopher Spencer. Both of them will add to the Board’s existing legacy of leadership and integrity. As Board members, we strive to be proactive and professional in our approach to meeting the needs, requirements and expectations of the higher education of the University's greatest treasure, Alabama State's students," said BOT President Brenda Brown Dillard.


The full Board consists of the following individuals (with term expirations): Brenda Brown Dillard, President (2028); Delbert Madison, President Pro-Tem (2026); Napoleon Bracy, Jr., (2023); Paulette Edwards, (2029); Laraunce Fleming, (2026); George Gore, (2029); Darrell L. Hudson, (2026); Mario Lumzy, (2029); Tiffany B. McCord, (2029); Angela McKenzie, (2026); Larry Means, (2029); Christopher Spencer(2029); Pamela Ware, (2029); Joe Whitt Sr., (2026) and Gov. Kay Ivey, ex officio member. 


The purpose of the ASU Board of Trustees is to ensure the effective leadership, management and control over the activities of Alabama State University. This structure provides for a definitive, orderly form of governance, and secures and continues responsive, progressive, and a superior institution of higher education, which is committed to accountability, transparency, and integrity. 


Brenda Brown Dillard and Delbert Madison serve as the Board’s elected leaders. Dillard was elected to a two-year term as President in 2022, and Madison is also serving a two-year tenure in the position of President Pro-Tem.

"I am elated to both serve on Alabama State's Board of Trustees and be the Board's president. My life doesn't get any better than serving O' Mother Dear, and I am constantly looking for any positive opportunities to advance our world-class school and serve its students," affirmed Dillard. 

"We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic and resourceful Board, as well as such an astute leader as ASU President Quinton Ross, whose ingenuity, servant leadership and team-building efforts have helped us advance in so many ways from improved curriculum, new programs, and student and faculty advancement. Also, our CommUniversity efforts have been very impactful, especially during the recent COVID-19 Pandemic that saw ASU reacting in a positive way that was light-years ahead of the state's other institutions of higher education by helping the Alabama Department of Public Health with its COVID testing and vaccines for such varied community partners as Hyundai Corporation of Alabama, the Montgomery Public School System, the Montgomery Housing Authority and more."

Madison said that the time is right for even greater strides forward for ASU.

"It is an exciting time for ASU in so many ways. We are positioned well now to continue our growth. Sure, we have more work to be done to fulfill all of our goals, but it is without a doubt that we are the team to do it," said Madison.

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