ASU's Occupational Therapy Master's Program Named Among the Nation's Best With 100% Exam Pass Rate for Three-Years Running!

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ASU Occupational Therapy students conducting an ultrasound with department chair Dr. Susan Denham (center/blue-top) supervising. (Photo: David Campbell/ASU).
- Also cited as one of America's "Best Values & Most Affordable" O.T. Master's Program by -

Written By:Kenneth Mullinax

Some say that "It's hard to be humble" when others brag on your success; but humble, yet great is Alabama State University's Master's Degree program in Occupational Therapy (O.T.) according to the latest issue of healthcare education industry expert Magazine.

It just cited ASU's O.T. master's program for its 100 percent exam pass rate for all of its students, which the University's program has held for the last three years in a row. The magazine's healthcare education experts also named ASU as among the "very best OT master’s programs offered at the very best prices...and among the most affordable programs in the nation," according to Carly Price, managing editor,

"We evaluated schools around the nation to find OT programs that provide an exceptional education at a reasonable price...we created this list to help potential students find objective information about each program and bring recognition to top-quality programs, such as yours at ASU," Price said by phone. 

In the article, its experts state that ASU is among a select group of schools nationwide that have "the very best OT master’s programs offered at the very best prices" and it goes on to state that ASU and other school's programs have " a proven track record for exceptional student outcomes and a tuition rate that’s below the state average."

The chair of Alabama State University's O.T. program is Dr. Susan Denham, and while she is appreciative of the magazine's stellar-story on the University's O.T. graduate program, she said it is well deserved.

"We are all very excited to learn of our positive recognition by's story, but we are not surprised because we know both the quality of ASU's program and of its student's scholarship," Denham said. "When all of your students, ALL of them, pass the NBCOT (National Board Certification for Occupational Therapy programs in the United States) examination for three years running, then you know that the faculty and the students are doing most everything right."

The article also states that while ASU's program is above average that its cost is among the most affordable ones in Alabama. wrote that ASU's program is $23,491 less than the average in-state tuition for a similar public program in Alabama. It went further to write that the University's program has an incredible three year graduation rate of 94 percent and that it possesses a "highly distinguished faculty."

When it comes to ASU's O.T. faculty, Chairwoman Denham didn't hold back her enthusiasm.

"On top of some of the most gifted O.T. students in any program in America is one of the most dynamic and driven faculty's in the nation; and the proof is in the numbers," Denham said.

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