ASU's Dr. Vaughn to Serve on Important Judicial Commission

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ASU Faculty Member Appointed to Important Judicial Commission for D.A.'s Office 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU. 

A member of Alabama State University's faculty has been appointed to an important judicial commission that falls under the purview of the Montgomery County District Attorney's office. The commission assists in the administration of justice for certain first-time, non-violent, criminal offenders. 

ASU's Dr. Denise Vaughn, director of Academic Labs for the University's First- and Second-Year Experience, was appointed by Montgomery County Presiding Circuit Court Judge, the Honorable Johnny Hardwick (15th Judicial Circuit), to serve as the academic  member of the Citizens Advisory Commission on Prosecution Pre-Trial Program (PTD) for the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office. 

"By becoming a member of the commission, I hope to ensure that citizens of our community who have committed their first and only non-violent crime to be allowed the opportunity to enter into a special program administered by the D.A.'s office, which allows them to receive a variety of helpful services, which would hopefully help them make sure that they never commit another crime and accordingly aid in the reduction of repeat criminal offenses," Vaughn said. 


District Attorney Daryl Bailey's PTD Commission helps certain first-time, nonviolent defendants to avoid having to take part in a traditional court system adjudication by being a part of a highly individualized and supervised program. This program helps them to discover alternatives to unlawful behavior and to understand the root causes of criminal behavior. The program includes employment (if needed), receiving educational training and counseling, performing weekly voluntary community service and regularly reporting to the PTD Office.  

Vaughn and other members of the PTD Commission will advise the District Attorney's office on various aspects of the program and those defendants who have been chosen to participate in it.  

Hardwick explained that he chose ASU's Vaughn to serve on the commission for reasons that speak to her upright character and intellect. 

"I appointed Dr. Vaughn because I know her to be a fair and conscientious person who has cutting-edge intellectual abilities and the discernment to understand people and their actions and motives," stated Judge Hardwick. "I feel we are very fortunate to have Dr. Vaughn serve the residents of Montgomery County and the 15th Judicial Circuit on this important commission." 


Vaughn agreed to serve on the Commission because she feels strongly that members of the Hornet Nation family should be immersed in activities that help to better the community. 

"I accepted this appointment in order to assist and allow persons to understand that if selected to participate in the PTD program; that it truly is their second-chance to be a law abiding resident and right the wrongs they committed -- allowing them to avoid jail time and not having a criminal conviction follow them around on their record throughout their lives," Vaughn stated. "This appointment also promotes the mission of ‘CommUniversity’ which is to build upon the University's tradition and the development of its programs that are responsive to the needs of individual citizens, public groups, and agencies in surrounding areas. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved." 

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