ASU's Cheer Coach Leads Nationwide Academy & Hosts Statewide Clinic on Campus

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ASU Cheerleading Coach De'One Gregg


By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU

Alabama State University's Coach De'One Gregg is known as an innovative SWAC cheerleading coach who oversees the University's cheerleaders and its mascot 'Stinger.’ Gregg is now also receiving national recognition for his leadership of the HBCU Cheer Academy in Detroit, Mich. with more than 200 cheerleaders under his tutelage. HBCU Cheer Academy

Gregg explained that his Detroit experience (May 13-14) helped him realize the respect that Alabama State's cheer program has earned from non-ASU Bama State fans. 

"Man, it blew my mind, as I heard so many good comments from the hundreds of high school cheerleaders, their coaches and support staff about how they viewed ASU's cheer program as one of the strongest in the nation," Gregg said. "What we heard in the midst of the HBCU event in Michigan has nothing to do with any one person but on the strength of our total team effort that first and foremost speaks to the quality, hard work and dedication of our ASU student cheerleaders and then our staff and administrators."

Coach Gregg said ASU cheerleaders benefit greatly from the support of the University’s leadership.

 "Thanks is ultimately due to the University's athletic director, Dr. Jason Cable, and to President Ross, both of whom are the biggest 'cheerleaders' for ASU's cheer program, and especially our students," Gregg stated.


Gregg believes that the impact of the University's cheerleaders is felt far outside of their performances at athletic games.

"Our cheer program, at the various athletic games, at the national events that I help lead or even at the cheer clinics that we host in the summer on campus, extends the University's reach to a multitude of high school students and various community 'influencers,' which builds up a network of positive relationships with so many diverse communities that it boggles the mind," Gregg exclaimed. 

 "What we are doing, in addition to creating an enhanced Hornet Nation spirit and vibe at various events and pep rallies, is spreading the good word about ASU among high school students, which allows our cheer effort to directly impact our recruitment and admissions program. Many high school students in various areas have seen us and said we helped them desire to attend Alabama State, and was a deciding factor that they attended the University."


On the weekend of June 3-5, Gregg and ASU's cheerleaders are hosting a “Cheer-Camp” on campus, which will have more than 100 high school cheerleaders from across Alabama attending to learn the latest routines being performed.

"From various schools across the state, we will be working with the cream-of-the-cream of Alabama's high school cheerleaders and passing on to them suggestions and ideas that they may use when their schools open back up in the Fall," Gregg said. "If anyone is interested, on Sunday (June 5) at 2 p.m., we will open our doors to the public inside the Dunn-Oliver Acadome (enter through its back door), to witness a competition between the cheer camp's students and see firsthand how well our ASU cheerleaders impact the high school students who attend the University's Cheer Camp."

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