ASU's Annual 'Research Frontier Symposium' Celebrates Breakthroughs in STEM

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By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU.

Alabama State University's annual "Research Frontier Symposium" will be held this Wednesday - Thursday (March 11-12) in ASU's John Garrick Hardy Student Center. The theme of the symposium is "Strong Curiosity in STEM Research."

The ASU hosted event is becoming a go-to research gathering to share fresh ideas in science and related fields according to the event's chairman, ASU's Dr. Harvey Hou.

"The University's symposium is increasingly becoming a regional conference as it provides an excellent platform for undergraduate, graduate, and research scholars to share their research experience to a broader audience," Hou said. "The purpose of the symposium is to inspire students in their future STEM endeavors and facilitate collaborations among faculty members in their respective fields throughout the many institutions of higher education who attend," Hou added..

The Research Frontier Symposium's plenary speaker is Dr. Isiah Warner, who is the Boyd Professor of the LSU System, and a professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry at LSU's Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dr. Warner has been recognized as the SEC Professor of the Year, member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and much more.

The featured speaker is Dr. Qiana Matthews, who is an associate professor of Microbiology for the Ph.D. program in Microbiology at Alabama State University.  She has won the Charles Barkley Young Investigator Award and has been named as the Infectious Diseases Unsung Hero.
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