ASU Unveils New Buses With Improved Features  

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By Hazel Scott 

Alabama State University’s new fleet of buses have rolled onto campus. The buses are expected to enhance the passenger experience for students and others who travel on behalf of the University.

“It was certainly time for a new fleet. Our old buses had been in service for more than a decade, and they were well used,” said President Quinton T. Ross, Jr. “These 'rolling billboards' really help our efforts to continue to advance the Alabama State University brand. Each year, our custom-wrapped buses are seen across the country. They definitely are another means of promoting our great University."

Ross and ASU’s Vice President for Business and Finance Bill Hopper toured the buses when the fleet arrived on campus Feb. 10. 

Ross said he's excited that the buses could expose the name “ Alabama State University” to new audiences.

"Who knows," Ross said, "some high school students, or their parents, might see one of the buses on the road and be inspired to check out The Alabama State University."

New Features

New or updated features to the buses include design, rider comfort and safety enhancements. The 56-passenger buses are emblazoned with two iconic ASU symbols: the stinging Hornet and the historic Bell Tower. They are equipped with a number of new amenities including electrical plugs for laptops and chargers, monitors with HMDI ports and seat belts. One safety design is plexiglass partition for the driver due to Covid-19..