ASU, South University Montgomery Sign Reverse Transfer Agreement

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By Hazel Scott/ASU

Obtaining a nursing degree will take less time and be more affordable for Alabama State University biology graduates and current senior biology students thanks to a Reverse Transfer Agreement signed Wednesday, June 22, on the ASU campus between Alabama State University and South University.

“This is the first MOU of its kind with an HBCU. The partnership will help promote nursing in the State of Alabama and fill a void, a gap in workforce development. We know that there is a shortage of nurses and healthcare workers across the country; therefore, this agreement will respond to that shortage,” said Dr. Tanjula Petty, Assistant Provost for Student Success and Special Initiatives at Alabama State University.

The Reverse Transfer Agreement specifically allows current Alabama State University seniors and graduates in the Biology Sciences Pre-Health degree program to have access to South University nursing program faculty, staff,  students and programs before entry into the nursing program and have the opportunity to take part in a number of activities (TEAS Exam prep class, Intro to Dosage Calculations pre-class, Nursing luncheons, Discussions, etc.).

“Alabama State was able to align a number of the courses that the students would need to be able to go and work on a nursing degree. Once those students graduate from Alabama State University or if they are in their senior year and they know that they want to go into nursing, then those courses have been aligned and they can apply at South University and go straight into the nursing program… they won’t have to take some of those prerequisites because they would have already taken them at ASU,”  said Petty. “Out alumni can use the same opportunity as our seniors.”

Petty noted that under this Agreement, ASU alumni and graduates who enroll in South University's nursing program under the Agreement will receive a 30 percent tuition discount, as well as other financial considerations, grants and scholarships for which they may qualify.

Justin Jackson, director of Community Outreach and Development at South University, said the Agreement brings together two great institutions to create a pathway for ASU students to pursue their goal of entering the nursing profession.  

“This program will work with students as they matriculate through Alabama State to ensure that they are prepared for the nursing program when their time comes. This partnership will strengthen South University's nursing program by potentially providing highly qualified, highly motivated students and increase the program's diversity (race, gender, class and prospective).  Alabama State University is known for producing some of the most talented students in the country from a variety of backgrounds,” Jackson said.

Both institutions said this agreement exemplifies the way that Alabama’s educational institutions can work together for the greater good of their students.

“It gives me great pleasure to be here today to sign this historic Agreement between two established institutions. It demonstrates our collective commitment to giving our students every opportunity to succeed,”  said Dr. Carl Pettis, ASU's Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.  "To fill a void, we will be working together collectively, an example of CommUniversity, which is one Dr. Ross’s biggest items in our Strategic Plan. This agreement will help us fill a void not only in the state, but also in this country.”

Opening educational opportunities is a priority for both universities, said Dr. Gilbert Singletary, Vice Chancellor and Provost of South University.

“The nursing industry itself has withstood a tremendous loss over the last two years…Partnering with this great institution, we are proud to say that we are joining forces to make a difference in tomorrow,” Singletary said.

Petty emphasized that Alabama State University is always seeking opportunities for its students to continue their success after ASU. “…Students will gain a degree in Biology from Alabama State University and a Nursing degree from South University,” Petty said…"This is what this partnership is all about, making sure we promote a pathway for our students to be successful; not just for undergraduate students here at Alabama State University but for our graduates as well.”

For more information about the ASU/South University Transfer Agreement email the Office of Academic Affairs at or Justin Jackson at