ASU Signs MOU with Southern Union that Enhances Student’s Educational & Career Paths!

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ASU President Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr. signing the MOU agreement with Southern Union (Photo credit: David Campbell/ASU).

ASU & Southern Union's Presidents Sign Agreement that Enhances Student’s Educational and Career Paths!

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU.

The Presidents of both Alabama State University (ASU) and Southern Union State Community College (Southern Union) signed a formal concurrent enrollment articulation agreement in a virtual memorandum of understanding (MOU) ceremony on January 12. The joint news conference was broadcast live on Facebook at 

ASU President, Dr. Quinton T. Ross, Jr., and Southern Union President, Todd Shackett, signed the MOU that formalized the agreement that will be of great benefit to students. Initially, the signing was to be held live on Southern Union's campus, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was moved to a live virtual ceremony. 


ASU's President Ross said this agreement brings together two fine institutions of higher education for a common goal, which is to provide meaningful opportunities for students. 

"This agreement allows both schools to focus on helping to enhance the education of their students, which are our most precious resource," Ross said, during the live event. 

"This is a match that lifts-up students and allows us to continue to help enhance their educational and career opportunities. This MOU is part of a program that we call 'Hornets on the Horizon.' It gives interested students at Southern Union an opportunity to obtain a four-year degree from ASU and an associate degree from the partner school," said President Ross. “This is a great collaboration between our two schools, and it is all about student success.” 

Ross emphasized that the agreement that was executed between the two schools provides an opportunity for Southern Union students to take courses at both institutions in a seamless pathway that will benefit those students who plan to transfer from Southern Union to ASU.  

Shackett stressed the importance of new opportunities for his institution’s students. 

"This is a most fulfilling agreement that provides an opportunity for our Southern Union students to have more meaningful career paths by having two degrees - one from Alabama State and another from Southern Union," Shackett said. 


The agreement will provide students with an opportunity to take credit-bearing courses at Alabama State University and Southern Union concurrently, which will help provide a smooth transition from an associate’s degree at Southern Union to an undergraduate degree at ASU. 

“Our new 'Hornets on the Horizon' program will enhance students' opportunities to transition from Southern Union to obtain a bachelor’s degree at ASU. This concurrent enrollment partnership will provide Southern Union students the opportunity to take ASU courses in Biomedical Engineering, Rehabilitation Services and Forensic Biology,” said Dr. Tanjula Petty, ASU's assistant provost of Student Success and Special Initiatives. 


ASU's provost, Dr. Carl Pettis, said that he believes that the 'Hornets on the Horizon' program will make it easier for Southern Union State Community College students to transfer to Alabama State University beginning in the fall of 2021. 

"This MOU brings two fine institutions of higher education together as it starts out as a pilot program to determine if ASU will provide additional programs," Pettis said.  

He added that the pilot program will be limited to 10 students for each of its programs during the 2021-2022 academic year, and it will only be available to students who are residents of Alabama. 

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