ASU Scholars Receive Scholarships Totaling $11,400 from Montgomery Alumni Chapter

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11 scholarship students

 By Hazel Scott/ASU

The Montgomery County area chapter of Alabama State University’s alumni has awarded scholarships totaling $11,400 to 11 students who will be attending ASU for the 2023-24 school year.

The Montgomery Alumni Chapter (MAC) has awarded students with scholarships for several years to help offset a portion of the cost of their education.

Eight students received the John Garrick Hardy Scholarship, valued at $1,200 each, and three were the recipients of the Montgomery Alumni Chapter Book Scholarship, amounting to $600 each. The students exemplified academic excellence and good citizenship.

The students are Jared Shelling, senior majoring in Computer Information Systems;  Kenson Webb, sophomore majoring in Biology Pre-Health; Jasmine Jackson, senior majoring in Biology; Ferrin Lewis, junior majoring in Criminal Justice; Jalisha Moore, junior majoring in Rehabilitation Services; Jazmine Moorer, sophomore majoring in Rehabilitation Services; Michaela McKenzie, senior majoring in Dance; Trey Johnson, junior majoring in Rehabilitation Services; Virginia Hail, sophomore majoring in Psychology; Isaiah Brunson, sophomore majoring in Accounting; and Ashtyn Smith, freshman majoring in Forensic Science.

“My experience at the Montgomery Alumni Scholarship ceremony was an experience to remember. When my name was called and I received my scholarship, it made me feel like I was on the right path to be very successful. I thank the Montgomery Alumni Chapter for giving me this amazing opportunity and I pray that God will bless me with even more,” said Trey Johnson, scholarship recipient.

Another scholarship recipient, Jazmine Moorer, said when her name was called to receive the scholarship award, she felt very honored and recognized.  “My heart was filled with joy knowing that I would be able to go to school and still be able to be financially stable by receiving help from the scholarship committee. Thank you so much!”

One of the parents in attendance expressed enthusiasm for all the recipients. “I am the proud father of Trey Johnson and a graduate of The Alabama State University.  Seeing all those scholars standing up before the chapter members being celebrated was such a great thing.  I feel that the financial gift will keep them energized on their journey to graduation,” said Vincent Johnson.

Pamela D. West, president of Alabama State University's Montgomery Alumni Chapter​ (MAC) of Alabama State University,​ said the scholarships help level the playing field and ensure financial constraints don’t bench talented students.

“Our Scholarships are like the MVP awards of education. They open doors for students, just like a winning touchdown opens up the game for our Hornets,” West said. “It's like giving every student a fair shot regardless of their economic background.”

MAC Scholarship Committee Co-Chair, Amy Perry, echoed West. “…The purpose of the MAC Scholarship Committee is to fulfill one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Maya Angelou --‘be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.’l

Dr. Cynthia Steele, instructor of reading in Advancement Studies, expressed gratitude for the chapter’s generosity. 

“Thanks to President Pamela West, Vice-President LaShawn Long, Scholarship Committee Co-Chair Amy Perry, and the MAC Scholarship Committee for their fine efforts and support in making this special occasion a rewarding experience for all MAC scholarship recipients and their parents.  A special thanks to all the dedicated Hornets who donated to ensure our ASU scholars are awarded for their achievements as they matriculate toward graduation at Alabama State University,” Steele said.

Through the generosity of donors, especially MAC, Steele noted many students can attend college with fewer debts.

“As an alumna of Alabama State University, I believe in giving back and providing the support necessary to help others on their journey to success.  When we work as a team to support our future generation of leaders, we are providing opportunities for them to continue their academic journey toward receiving their degrees and becoming a pillar in their careers and community,” said Steele.