ASU PD Gifted Body/Car Cams and Vests

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ASU PD body cam

By Hazel Scott/ASU

The Alabama State University Police Department is the beneficiary of more than $20,000 worth of new security equipment thanks to donations from its law enforcement partners.

Chief Kelvin Kendricks of ASU PD said the city of Prattville’s Police Department graciously donated 32 body cams and seven car cams, and the Fraternal Order of Police gifted 10 protective vests to the University PD.

“Our department is absolutely ecstatic,” Kendricks said, adding that the ASU PD is in partnership with Prattville and Montgomery Police Departments, as well as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). “Our officers have been gifted with protection.”

The donated body cameras, Kendricks said, are smaller, more user friendly and allow for officers to have more placement options to capture different angles.

Kendricks said the department has seen the value of using body and car cameras as a new law enforcement tool and remarked the donated cameras and vests will save the department money and help the officers to do their jobs better.

“The body and car cameras are the wave of the future of police work. They allow officers to capture video evidence of events in real time,” Kendricks said.

As for the vests, Kendricks noted they are now a part of the ASU PD gear and the donated vests will help reduce injuries and “lift a weight off a heavy job.”

Every sworn ASU police officer (24 to date with two coming aboard once they complete the academy) will have a body cam and vest.

Kendricks emphasized that the cameras and vests improve safety on both sides of the badge.

“They provide a safer environment, not only to our officers but to the public and the ASU family as well,” he added.

The University is also ramping up cameras on campus security lamps to continue to stay on the front end of technology.

“On-campus security lights will be affixed with cams that will be monitored in the ASU Police Department. In fact, we are in the process of having that installed now,” Kendricks said.

asu pd car can

An Alabama State University police officer adjusts the new car cam donated to the ASU PD by the city of Prattville's police department.