ASU Names Elementary Winners of Creative Drawing Contest

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Photo by David Campbell/ASU.



By Hazel Scott/ASU

Nine elementary artists were winners in Alabama State University’s Preventing School Violence in Montgomery Public Schools (ASU PSV-MPS) program’s first-ever Creative Drawing Contest.

The winners were selected from the program’s targeted MPS elementary schools – Brewbaker Intermediate, Chisholm Elementary, Dozier Elementary, Dannelly Elementary and Highland Garden Elementary.  

From left, Dozier Elementary School's 5th grade teacher,  Amanda Edwards, and ASU PSV-MPS Director, Avionne Ruffin, present the T-shirt with the winning drawing.

The contest asked students to create their artwork as a drawing, with the theme “Preventing School Violence.” The Top K-5 winner’s drawing will be advertised on T-shirts, which will become the program’s T-shirt logo. The first-place winner also received a smart watch.  Second- and Third-Place winners received a gift pack.  All the entrants received a T-shirt. The work was judged on creativity, how well it fits into the Preventing School Violence theme, quality of the picture and how well it reaches the attention of their peers.

There were a total of 528 art entries. Dozier Elementary School submitted the most entries with 232 and Amanda Edward’s 5th grade class submitted 25  of the total art entries; the highest in the school.

Contest Winners:

  • First Place: Symone Exford, 4th grade, Brewbaker Elementary
  • Second Place: Alaina Rockwell, 2nd grade, Dannelly Elementary
  • Third Place: Husbaldo Ortiz, 4th grade, Brewbaker Elementary

Other Winners:

  • Most Creative: Ja’Niah Edwards, 3rd grade, Brewbaker Elementary
  • Most Unique Style: Anyana Howard, 3rd grade, Dozier Elementary
  • Most Imaginative: Kaydene Brooks, 4th grade, Brewbaker Elementary
  • Best Class: Jose Martinez, 5th grade, Brewbaker Elementary
  • Most Honorable Mention: Alexandria Moore, 3rd grade, Brewbaker Elementary
  • Winner by a Smile: Symone Exford, 4th grade, Brewbaker Elementary

Avionne Ruffin, PSV-MPS Director, said the (PSV-MPS) Preventing School Violence in Montgomery Public Schools program is a comprehensive program designed to train and prevent violence in our schools.

“This program provides a platform that includes training modules that provide students, teachers, staff, school security personnel, administrators and parents with the necessary skills to identify and prevent violence in schools. Our goal is to equip our schools by working together to promote a safe and secure learning environment. We have been witnessing an alarming rise in school violence in recent times. This trend is deeply concerning, and we must take concrete steps to address it.  We cannot allow our schools to become battlegrounds where students and teachers fear for their safety each day. PSV-MPS mis "Empowering MPS to Stop School Violence Before it Starts," Ruffin said. 

drawing student4
From left,  Uconda McCants, Vice Principal of Dannelly Elementary School;  Justin Daniel, PSV-MPS School Climate Coach; Carmelo Hargrave, 4th grade; Second-Place Wiinner: Alaina Rockwell, 2nd grade; Madelyn Salvador Lopez, 4th grade; Jamel Mack, 3rd grade; and  Andrea Sewell, PrincipalPhoto by Terrell Slater/ASU.


drawing students1a
From left, Alexandria Moore, 3rd grade; Jose Martinez, 5th grade; Kaylee Johnson, 4th grade; Third-Place Winner: Husbaldo Rosales Ortiz, 4th grade;  First-Place Winner: Symone Exford, 4th grade; Lily Velazco, 5th grade; Bryana Chilel Mejia, 4th grade; Vince McQueen, 5th grade; and Kaydence Brooks,  4th grade. All the students are from  Brewbaker Intermediate School. Photo by Terrell Slater/ASU.