ASU Music Student/Recording Artist Makes Music on TV Show ‘The Link Up’

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By Hazel Scott/ASU

The impactful sounds of Alabama State University’s talented music student and recording artist, J. Chantel, were featured on the second season of Revolt TV’s Music Series, “The Link Up,” starring Coco Jones.

“I feel honored to be part of the show. It was a blessing to me because they (the show’s producers) discovered me on TikTok playing my trumpet, and they reached out to me,” said Chantel. “When I found out we were going to collaborate with ​Coco Jones, I was really excited. I’m a big fan of hers. Officially, this is my first TV show.”

“The Link Up,” sponsored by Xfinity, brings together rising musicians and industry veterans to pay tribute to iconic artists and show their own unique talents.  

J. Chantel played alongside music greats, including multitalented Coco Jones, renowned bassist Aneesa Strings, accomplished snare drummer Jamese Moses, talented talkbox player Andre Troutman, and vocalists Shaleah Nikole and Keisha Renee. Together, they deliver captivating renditions of R&B classics such as "Full Moon” by Brandy and "Real Love” by Mary J. Blige.

“By showcasing emerging talents like J. Chantel alongside established artists, the series pays homage to the rich history of Black music while pushing boundaries and ushering in the next generation of musical innovators,” said show officials in a news release. “J. Chantel is a… rising star in the music industry…a rising force in the world of music.”

J. Chantel said "The Link Up" season 2 stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the celebration of Black music and culture.

“Different musicians came together and we all went into the studio and recorded our parts. We performed it for the video and it was dope,” she said. “It was really nice.”

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Her Music

Some of J. Chantel’s songs online right now include “Cold Days in July,” “Feel So Good II” (featuring Tonio Armai), ” “​I’m in Love​ With Your Brother,” “Over and Done,” “Anymore (featuring Young Hustla & J. Chantel)” and “Emotions (featuring EZ Duzzit).

Her music, J. Chantel said, is about life, her life.

“I write about my life...the trials, tribulations and stress that I’ve gone through…sometimes I put out a video that collates with a message to reach like-minded people or people who are going through certain situations.  Music is how I express myself,” she explained.

J. Chantel, who is also a singer, is taking a break from performing to work on her first album.

“I’m in the studio working on an album that will be released this fall…I have a new sound that I’m developing, so I’m just trying to get it out there…I don’t have a name for it yet, but I’ll let my fans know soon,” she said. “I have music on all digital platforms.”

All of Chantel’s successes circle back to Alabama State University.

“If it wasn’t for Alabama State, it wouldn’t be a J. Chantel. ASU gave me the opportunity when I graduated from high school to come and be a part of the Mighty Marching Hornets Band. That’s where I developed into a musician, learned discipline and structure. Alabama State is like my second home,” J. Chantel said, who started at ASU in 2004, graduated from another college and reenrolled at ASU last fall.  “ASU played a very vital role, even now.”

If you missed J Chantel’s dynamic performance on “The Tune Up,” fans can catch the show on Revolt and YouTube. Fans can also follow her online on all social platforms at JChantelmusic and TikTok.

“I will do updates about performances coming up, songs and music. So stay tuned and stick with me,” she said.