ASU Music Major Accepted into the Prestigious Eastman Leadership Academy this Summer!

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ASU music major Janet Lagah-Bona (R) with her ASU music professor, Dr.  Adonis Gonzalez-Matos.
- ASU's rising-junior Janet Lagah-Bona will study at the University of Rochester from June 26-29 -

- This story is written by Kenneth Mullinax/ASU.

An Alabama State University Music major has been accepted into the prestigious Eastman Leadership Academy, which is sponsored by the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music in New York.  ASU's rising-junior Janet Lagah-Bona of Washington, D.C. is specializing in piano performance and will attend the acclaimed academy from June 26 - 29 on the campus of the University of Rochester. She studies in the ASU piano studio of Dr. Adonis Gonzalez-Matos, and hopes to pursue graduate study in music composition and theory after graduating from the University.

The award given to ASU's music major is presented to rising juniors, seniors, and graduate students nationwide who are enrolled in music degree programs and who have demonstrated leadership experience and seek to develop careers that are impactful to their communities and the musical arts, explained Dr. Carly Johnson, chairwoman of ASU's Department of Music.

"Ms. Lagah-Bona (Janet) is a motivational student who is going to reach great places in music," Johnson said. "Even as a junior this Fall, she shows great leadership potential and is very serious about music composition," she student

While at the Academy, she will engage with similarly passionate and dedicated musicians while focusing on topics such as innovation in the arts, application of entrepreneurial thinking and business skills. Students will collaborate with leading musicians, educators, and leaders in learning activities designed to be immersive, interactive, and participatory. Upon completion of the program, ASU's Lagah-Bona will receive a certificate recognizing her participation in the Academy.

Lagah-Bona said she is excited about being honored with the upcoming Eastman experience, and believes it will open-up new doors for her academically and professionally.

"Being selected to attend the Eastman Academy will provide me with a great experience and opportunity to excel in my career as a musician; both in meeting other like-minded students and interacting with the incredible adult professionals who visit and lecture to us at it," Lagah-Bona said.

"None of this would be possible without my attending Alabama State University, which has really helped me grow as a music-major through its talented instructors and faculty who are my musical family," she said.

"One of the major members of my ASU family is my piano instructor, Dr. Adonis Gonzalez-Matos, who I refer to as my 'Piano-Dad' all of the time."  "He and ASU help make me feel at home and succeed in music," Lagah-Bona said.

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