ASU Leader to Present at Women in Leadership Conference at Harvard

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By Hazel Scott/ASU

One of Alabama State University’s leaders is headed to Harvard.

Dr. Tanjula Petty, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Strategic Initiatives and Transformation, will conduct a speaker’s session during the National Diversity Congress’ (NatDC) Women in Leadership Conference held at the Harvard (University) Faculty Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 11-12.  Her presentation is titled “Women Leaders of Higher Education Branding to Respond to Underserved and Disadvantaged Communities.”

 “This is my second time attending, and I am in awe that I can return…I am most delighted that I am able to represent the greatest HBCU, The Alabama State University, on a national platform, and craft and deliver an excellent presentation that is useful to women who work in higher education,” Petty said.

Her topic focuses on helping women leaders develop critical skills to advance their careers, while working together to address the challenges facing rising women leaders.  

 “Working in higher education is a calling and to transition to new levels, our skills must be sharpened, and we must do this for each other.  One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 27:17: ‘As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.’  Therefore, I am going to be sharpened but do some sharpening as well, to be a better leader for Alabama State University,” Petty acknowledged.

As women progress toward leadership positions in higher education, Petty pointed out that it can be a complicated, intricate, and multifaceted process. To help in that process, Petty offers some tips,

“I encourage aspiring women leaders to build strong networks with women in power from other places for inspiration, as well as career and personal development. Also, learn to understand the importance of developing your niche in higher education, gain confidence in making career and leadership choices, understand the importance of building a support network, and share and acquire useful tips and strategies,” she said. “Also, be true to you​rself is the best advice that I can give anyone, and lean on your integrity, morals, and values.  Either the organization will support what you bring, or you need to find one that will value you.”

Other pointers include learn the importance of self-branding and how it can have an impact on future roles and learn how incorporating populations in which one serves can benefit the transitions of women leaders in higher education.

The conference will have prominent speakers, roundtable moderators with panelists and senior-level university administrators from some of the top colleges and universities in the nation.

More About Dr. Tanjula Petty

Dr. Tanjula Petty is an experienced administrator who leads policy development and inspires change through collaborative leadership and data driven decision-making. She has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy and Law from Alabama State University, and an M.S. degree in Public Administration and a B.S. degree in Resource Management, both from Troy University.

A Lean Six Sigma servant leader who has extensive experience and a proven record of collaborative and partnership efforts, Dr. Petty is most known for her transformative leadership skills, with a direct focus on moving the needle for student success in higher education. Petty is a passionate, outcomes-oriented leader who has dedicated her career to advancing access and student success through a lens of equity for disadvantaged students. Petty is considered a scholar-practitioner and possesses a wealth of experience in accreditation, academic affairs, student services, diversity, enrollment management, institutional effectiveness and research, fiscal accountability, facilities planning, public relations, strategic planning, and workforce development/career and technical education.