​​ASU Instructor’s New Book Based on True Experiences of Triumph

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By Hazel Scott/ASU

ASU adjunct instructor and alumnae ('07)  Deirdre Parker Jackson‘s new book, “On Broken Pieces,”  is an autobiographical journey that on broken piecestestifies of the faith that helped her find a piece of solace during tribulation, a piece of rock to lean on in times of weariness, and a cornerstone to trust to provide stability for her in times of uncertainty. It’s a story of how she coped and triumphed.

“My book is a memoir and roadmap to success. I take the readers on a journey that is paved with challenges and triumphs and offer inspirational messages to keep them uplifted as they travel with me through the pages,” Johnson said.

She hopes people will find hope in the most traumatic circumstances when they read her book. “I hope that they understand that they are not alone and that most people who become successful do not make it by having the road paved easily or with smooth sailing; instead, they--like me--have to make it On Broken Pieces,” she said.

Johnson said what inspired her to write her poignant story came after the loss of both of her parents within nine months of each other.

“I suffered from severe depression for months to the point where I could not speak without stuttering severely or losing my voice completely.  I found solace and healing in writing my thoughts.  I found it difficult to hold conversations with people face to face but needed to talk to someone in a way to release the pain.  I wrote my autobiography in an effort to heal and to help others heal who have suffered the loss of loved ones and who have had to overcome extraordinary obstacles,” she said. 

Johnson pointed out that the most difficult aspect of writing her book was keeping the language interesting but not complicated, appealing but not entertaining. 

“I want the reader to take my experiences seriously and inspire them at the same time,” Johnson noted. 

The Inspirational 71-page book is her first, but readers can expect more from Johnson soon.

“I am working on another book based on Chapter 4: “Just Like My Daddy”  in my new book.  I was asked to write more about my dad,” she said.      

Aside from being an educator, mother, grandmother and pastor, she is the founder of Vision Makers Ministries, a nonprofit organization.

I created the ministry in an effort to provide support to people who are suffering from severe depression and anxiety as well as feel a sense of hopelessness due to lack of jobs and finances.  I have had people purchase my book and after reading it, purchase several books and ask me to give them to others.  As a part of the ministry, I donate my book to at-risk youths and elderly adults in an effort to help them cope with and overcome depression, loneliness, fear and anxiety,” she said.