ASU Former Coach’s New Children’s Books Affirm and Encourage Self-Love  

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By Hazel Scott/ASU


Empowering young children to self-love and believe in themselves is the motivation behind two  Affirmation Books written by former Alabama State Head Football Coach and alumnus Reggie Barlow.

“I Am, And I Will Be Positive Affirmation for  Girls” and “I Am, And I Will Be Positive Affirmation for Boys,” which have accompanying coloring books,  provide positive affirmations while young boys and girls learn who they are and prepare for the person they will become. Both books contain 25 easy-to-read statements that promote positive thinking, boost self-image, and increase confidence in girls and boys ages 4 to middle schoolers. Girls and boys are encouraged to say the affirmations, believe them, and repeat them as a part of their morning or bedtime routine.

Affirmations in the book include “I am blessed,” “I will prosper,” “I will be prosperous” and “I am a person of excellence.”

“The books speak courage and conviction, hopefully instilling them with confidence and anointing their daily existence,” Barlow said.  “Some affirmations are different for young girls than they are for young boys. Positive affirmations have the power to validate, empower, motivate, challenge, and inspire.  I hope my book helps reinforce the positive messages we want children to embrace.”

Barlow noted that the accompanying coloring books also have the same affirmations as the books.

Barlow, a 1998 graduate and former ASU football player (1991-1995) who is now a head coach in the XFL, said he decided to write children’s books to help nurture self-acceptance at a younger age.

“Looking at our society, our race, alone minorities, I don’t think words of affirmations are spoken…I think there is a direct correlation to how we speak to ourselves, and how our loved ones speak to us is extremely critical. Given our day and time and all the things that are going on, we need as much positivity spoken to our young people as possible,” he said.

This won’t be the last you hear from Barlow. “I hope to write another book in the future.”

The two affirmation books and two coloring books can be purchased on Amazon.