ASU Cancer Expert to Deliver Lecture in Egypt

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By ASU News Service

Dr. Manoj Mishra, associate professor of biology and director of the Cancer Biology Research and Training (CBRT), will deliver a lecture at the 11th Annual Conference of the Alexandria Society of Cancer Patient’s Care in Alexandria, Egypt on May 3, 2019.

Mishra will speak at the Cancer Biomaker Development and Validation Workshop and will discuss the “Immunobiological biomarker development for prostate cancer.”

“This is a great opportunity,” Mishra said. “Being invited as a speaker in this workshop is a testament to our growing cancer research program on ASU campus and putting ASU on the global map in cancer research.”
The goal of the workshop is to improve the knowledge of and competence in applying validated molecular markers of cancer for assessing the prognostic and predictive value and for precision medicine.

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