ASU Art Exhibit Opens May 31

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Art Exhibit Highlights Paintings by ASU Alumni!


By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU 

An art exhibit will open on May 31 in the Tullibody Fine Arts Center's Warren-Britt Gallery that will have as its main attraction the work of two acclaimed artists, both of whom are alumni of Alabama State University and are noted among some of the finest artists in the South. 

The venue is titled "The Feagin/Shealey Art Exhibit" and features paintings by John W. Feagin and Robert O. Shealey. The exhibit may be viewed until July 30, and may be seen virtually or in person (by appointment only), says the curator of the exhibit, Dr. Cleve Webber, a gifted artist in his own rights and an associate professor in ASU's department of Visual Arts. 

"The exhibit offers an introspective look at the abstract art of John Feagin and the surrealistic renderings of Robert Shealey," Webber said. "An interesting back story occurs surrounding this public display of their art in a couple of ways (is that) both artists went to school here at Alabama State, and Dr. Feagin actually taught Robert as a student here. Also, the men are personal friends." 


It turns out that this current exhibit isn't the first-time that both men have had their artwork co-mingled in a public setting. 

"Mr. Feagin is well known as being adept as a mural painter who especially likes to portray iconic images of America's civil rights movement, and he and Shealey have both contributed murals to ASU's National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture,” Webber stated. 


The artists’paintings are diverse in style and form. The exhibit consists of 20 total works of art with nine abstract mix-media paintings created by Feagin and 11 surrealistic acrylic-on-canvas paintings by Shealey. 

According to Webber, Feagin's work shows his command of the abstract form while Shealey's work borders along both surrealism and fantasy. 

"Since both men are ASU educated, one may infer that the University influenced them both academically as well as artistically. These are wonderful paintings, and I hope that many people will avail themselves to view these wonderful images, either in-person or virtually," Webber said.    

NOTE:  Please call 334-604-5894 for an appointment to view the paintings in-person or view them virtually by going to  

News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104.