ASU Administrators Present @ 'Women in Leadership Higher Ed. Conf.' @ Harvard!

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- ASU's Dr. Christine Thomas & Dr. Tanjula Petty present on "Women Navigating the Nuances in Higher Education " -

Written by Kenneth Mullinax/ASU Media Relations

dr. thomasTwo of Alabama State University's senior administrators are keynote speakers in November at the National Diversity Congress's "Women in Leadership Higher Education Conference," which will be held at Harvard in Cambridge, Ma. The event is dedicated to advocating diversity and a better understanding on how to combat sexism, racism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism in the workplace.

ASU's Dr. Christine Thomas (associate vice president for Institutional Effectiveness) and Dr. Tanjula Petty (interim assistant provost of Academic Affairs) will deliver the keynote address together on Nov. 5, at 10:45 a.m. titled "The Dynamic Duos Approach for Women Navigating the Nuances in Higher Education." It will be held in the Harvard Faculty Club's dining room. 

dr pettyPetty said that their speaking at this event reinforces the fact that ASU is respected on a national level. "To be invited to present on such an important platform such as this event in November is an astonishing accomplishment for Dr. Thomas and myself, and it reinforces the fact that Alabama State University is a much respected world-class institution of higher education," Petty said.

Thomas echoed those same sentiments. "Our being selected as keynote speakers symbolizes both our and ASU's commitment and dedication to leadership roles nationwide," said Thomas. "It also showcases the great talent here at ASU and the University's historic role in developing transformational leaders such as Jo Ann Robinson, Thelma Glass and other pioneers in education and beyond."

Both Petty and Thomas are commonly known as the "Dynamic Duo" on campus because they work on many similar programs and platforms. During their joint keynote address, both will discuss such topics that "disparities and leadership gaps for women have existed for years, despite women earning more degrees than men," and that "media coverage of the #MeToo movement and the increased number of research publications that focus on gender inequalities for women in executive leadership roles, continues to raise awareness that the lack of fairness for women prevails."

They say that the goal of their keynote address is to engage participants in a self-reflection. The dialogue that they will use will include sharing ways to create healthy work environments despite gender differences. They will discuss the “Dynamic Duo’s Seven Approaches to Being Change-Agents in the Workplace;” in order to help others navigate in a world of continuous change. The goal for their address is to equip participants with a proactive, advantage-driven approach to knowing what obstacles women face on their trajectory to their higher education goals and how to overcome them and help other women do the same.

Both educational leaders are visibility excited at speaking at this event and hope their ideas and intellectual approaches to problem-solving touch other higher educational professionals.

"It is my hope that we are able to leave an ASU-footprint of empowering, encouraging and equipping other leaders with the tools that help them and their schools succeed," Thomas added.

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