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Assessment Support Services: Consultations, Coaching Sessions, and Trainings

Accurate assessment equals appropriate accountability.  Assessment support at Alabama State University serves as an extension of the university’s mission in an effort to operate within an environment of excellence. By supporting the needs of our faculty and staff in assessing, and continuously improving our students’ learning, we assist in ensuring the help that is needed.  By offering staff, tools, and resources to engage in continuous improvement, accurate assessment of student learning will be evident. The Office of Planning, Assessment, & Evaluation is committed to being available to faculty, staff, and students by offering the following services to all members of the Alabama State University.

Coaching Sessions

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness team has spent countless hours researching, reviewing, and testing our enhanced continuous improvement processes.  This will help ASU leaders to measure success and document accomplishments using data to inform decision-making and prioritize strategic plan efforts to best support the campus community.

To achieve this milestone, IE we will be hosting Coaching Sessions across all divisions during the months of May, June, and September 2022.  The coaching session agenda has been prepared to implement the following:

  • Introduce the new continuous improvement process;
  • Share ways to foster a culture of change in the continuous improvement process (through intentional, meaningful, and manageable practices);
  • Demonstrate how ASU’s process aligns with SACSCOC’s institutional effectiveness standards;
  • Guide campus leaders in the implementation of our FOCUS 2030 Strategic Plan using the Continuous Improvement Model; and
  • Provide access to resources to assist leaders with the completion of annual assessment plan/report development, followed by reporting of strategic plan scorecard data.



Previous Sessions


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Educational Programs and General Education

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Non-Instructional Units

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In the event that you would like a consultation to assist with assessment within your area or your Continuous Improvement Plan/Report, please reach out to the assessment team at