​​Alumnus Partners with Footlocker and Footaction

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By Hazel Scott/ASU

ASU Alumnus Lorenzo Gordon’s Atlanta-based company Humbl Hustlr has launched a partnership with shoe and sportswear retailers Foot Locker and Footaction.

“It’s a dream come true, literally. I’ve been working on this company since 2016. So, I’m super excited to see the legs are finally growing,” Gordon said.

Foot Locker, Gordon said, reached out to carry the Humbl Hustlr collection as part of its pledge to support black businesses through its Home Grown Program, where they partner with different streetwear brands to put product placements in their stores.

“During the George Floyd moment that took place, Foot Locker, Champs, Nike and a list of different other companies wanted to really give back to the black community and support them not only through marketing but also through business efforts. So, one of Foot Locker’s buyers reached out and said they’d love to have Humbl Hustlr apparel part of their initiative … from there we started laying the partnership,” Gordon added.

The men’s and women’s collection, ranging in price from $29.99 to $49.99, includes T-shirts, joggers, hoodies and hats bearing the Humbl Hustlr signature brand. All pieces will be available in sizes small through XXL and can be purchased both online and at 14 Foot Locker and Footaction locations in Atlanta.

Gordon describes the company’s brand name as unique. “Our logo is spelled Humbl Hustlr without the  "e." We strategically removed the "e" from both names. The "e" stands for effort, and we feel that people don’t see the effort we (entrepreneurs) put in throughout the day. The core of Humbl Hustlr is not simply its people, but their daily grind and efforts.”  

The Mass Communications graduate (‘11) said his company has benefitted from Alabama State University’s strong network. “I always tell my mentees the power of an HBCU school because a lot of my friends who I communicate with daily are all graduates of Alabama State University. They were able to help, assist and guide me through this partnership with Foot Locker.”

Gordon has appeared on several television shows, including “Fox 5 News” and  “Good Morning America.”

Community Commitment

Aside from fashion, Humbl Hustlr has a growing presence in the community as well.

Anchored by Gordon, his company has established Hustl Print to highlight the work of young professionals, entrepreneurs and “corporate Hustlrs” who are making things happen behind the scenes but do not always get the recognition and acknowledgment they deserve.

“Hustl Print is an entrepreneurial training program for young black men through various communities and circumstances,” Gordon said. “We connect our mentees with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and corporate innovators for bridge building, brotherhood, community service and career development. We help young men in Atlanta to start developing their own business.” 

Gordon emphasized the program has impacted more than 157 youths in Atlanta.

The nonprofit also provides mentoring, entrepreneurship training and workshops aimed at giving youth the necessary guidance to take their visions and aspirations to the next level. The group also gives back through its community cleanup efforts.

“We hope with these programs we can cultivate the next wave of future black CEOs,” Gordon added.