Alumna’s New Book Discusses How She Turned Trauma into Victory

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ASU alumna Jenny Thelwell

By Alexis Butler, student intern

Alabama State University alumna Jenny Thelwell (07’), is a writer, life coach and publisher committed to helping women, like herself, tell their story. Her commitment has led her to write and publish her first book titled “Pressure Point,” which shares her most vulnerable moments growing up. Pressure Point book cover

"Pressure Point" is a transparent memoir that discusses how she learned to turn trauma into victory. In this book, she shares the obstacles she faced as a child, living in  poverty, to an adult who thought she had it all together. Thelwell, who lives by the quote “embrace the pressure,” said she wants readers to move into a dimension of positivity and abundance, and to live the life that God intended you to live.

“No matter what trials and tribulations you have been through or may be going through, you must endure because on the other side of pain is purpose,” Thelwell said. “Our purpose is greater than ourselves, it's bigger than just ‘you’."

Thelwell, who is a sexual abuse survivor, teaches victims to tell their story with confidence. As a writing coach she helps all people write their own trauma stories. She created the Revolutionary Diamond publishing company to help people tell their stories proudly and convert what was once pain into something memorable and now a victory.

“Your story is more important than you know and sometimes it just takes the right person to listen and an even more courageous person to tell it,” she said. “The time is now!”

Thelwell graduated from ASU with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. She is currently a doctoral student and educator. 

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