Alumna Writes Self-Support Book

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courtney teague


By Hazel Scott/ASU

Alabama State University Alumna (’05) and writer Dr.  Courtney L. Teague’s new self-support book, “The Uncommon Coach,” is focused on living the life one deserves professionally and/or personally.

The book is an empowering, heartfelt and relatable book that hopes to guide the reader on their journey to becoming a better version of themselves through developing affirming thoughts, self-love and energy management.

“I chose the title for my book because we live in an age of social media where we look online and see everyone doing X, Y and Z and we want to compare ourselves to them, and we want to look to other people to motivate us to be a better version of ourselves. What we don’t really understand is that we have the answer within ourselves,” she said. “It’s uncommon to think that you have the solution to your problem. Hence the title ‘Uncommon’.”

Teague said the micro-workbook, which is written like a conversation, provides exercises that will give readers the support they need to design the life that they love.

“To truly be uncommon, you have to be willing to do the work!” Teague emphasized.  “I hope when people read my book, they take away the willingness to explore themselves and the willingness to spend time to invest in themselves,” she noted. “…. I want people to know that their current situation can be a tool to launch them to where they want to be, but they have to be willing to bet on themselves and do the work.”

Teague, who is sometimes referred to as the “Coach’s Coach,” has nearly two decades of teaching, executive coaching, speaking and real-life, hands-on experience.  

“My views are realistic and different, but practical,” she said. “I look for lessons in everything and everyone. There is a purpose for every experience, and I look for the meaning behind it all! Everyone has different experiences, and I always welcome different perspectives; that is the only way one can grow.”

Teague is a certified executive coach and Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner.

Teague, who lives in Atlanta, hopes her fusion of conversational techniques, change management strategies and real-life stories connect with her audience at a personal and intimate level.

“I always want to bring out the best in people. I think my book ‘The Uncommon Coach’ will help to do that,” she said.  

Teague has served as an administrator while on assignment to McKinsey & Co. and as the Director of Coaching for Verizon Innovative Learning Schools at Digital Promise Global.

Prior to her current efforts, Teague taught hundreds of powerhouses to leverage their value. She has served as consultant/coach for politicians and small business owners, among others. 

Teague’s next project is relaunching her consulting business.  “I will once again be focused on transformation and change management for individuals and organizations.”

Teague said life at Alabama State University helped jump-start her successes.

“Anyone attending an HBCU, especially ASU, will have a college experience where they experience a unique community of support and understanding among faculty and fellow students. While I was there, I developed relationships with teachers and with other people who were not Montgomery natives. I also became active on campus. At Alabama State, I found myself, my voice.”

“The Uncommon Coach,” along with her books “How to Win Students and Inspire” and “Just Blog It Already,” can be purchased on Amazon.