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ASU Alumna District Press Secretary for Member of the U.S. Congress

- Recent ASU Graduate Serves Alabama's First Female African-American Member of Congress. 

By Kenneth Mullinax/ASU. 

It’s been said that “the sky’s the limit” for Alabama State University graduates. That phrase is certainly true for alumna Nesfa’Hyatt Brown, the Mobile native, who has been named as the district press secretary for a member of the United States Congress. 

Brown, who graduated from ASU in 2020, works for Alabama's first female African-American member of Congress, the Honorable Terri Sewell (D), who represents Alabama's Seventh Congressional District. Brown holds a degree in Political Science from the University, and landing her first job out of college working for a member of Congress is a major accomplishment.  

"I have my dream job working for one of the nation's most caring, erstwhile and important members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Honorable Terri Sewell," Brown said from the Congresswoman's Birmingham district office. Sewell also has offices in Washington, D.C., Montgomery, Tuscaloosa and Selma. 

"The love of my professional life has always been government and politics, so obtaining a career working for Congresswoman Sewell was a natural fit for me," Brown said. "I am growing in this job every day, which allows me to blend my talents in writing and communications to spread the word among our constituents of the many issues and opportunities that are before us thanks to Ms. Sewell." 


Sewell's district manager, Melinda Williams, oversees all of the Congresswoman's Alabama offices and activities. 

“‘Ms. Brown is a perfect fit in Congresswoman Sewell's office and is among the most important team players that we have on staff since she helps craft our communications that go to the constituents of Alabama's Seventh District, as well as the news media," Williams said. "She is multi-talented — a strong writer, who easily grasps the important national issues, which come from Congresswomen Sewell's agenda. Ms. Sewell is very pleased with her since she is a quick study and has a talent in understanding the complex issues and agendas that are before us and is one who can communicate them in such a manner that makes them understandable to all that we serve." 


Brown believes that the ASU experience of both giving her a top-notch education and allowing her to grow her community spirit by being in a special HBCU environment, has made her career and personal success more attainable. 

"Alabama State helped me be prepared for whatever tasks or issues that confront me in working for one of our most visible and important national lawmakers in the Congress," Brown explained. "My ASU faculty members and our University's leaders gave me the education and confidence to pursue and succeed in anything life puts before me. I love working for Congresswoman Sewell, who is a ball of energy and intellect. Her spirit empowers me to achieve greatness, as does my experience as a graduate of ASU. I stand on what ASU taught me and on the shoulders of the civil rights movement leaders who graduated from ASU before me and whose spirit inspires me every day to do my best for Congresswomen Sewell, who carries the torch for them and all of us from the Seventh District into this new century." 

News media contact: Kenneth Mullinax, 334-229-4104.