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Parents and Family 2017

Hornet Nation Association of Parents and Families H.N.A.P.F.


Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

We welcome all Hornet Nation Parents and Family members, to this newly created resource page because we understand the importance of inclusiveness in the college experience. Below you will find helpful links to some of the most commonly utilized resources for both our current and prospective families. The links are designed to provide you with a one-stop-shop for your informational and contact needs. If there is a question or concern that you have that cannot be answered by one of the following offices, please contact the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at (334) 229-4241 or via e-mail at

  • ACES (retention office) (334) 229-8544
  • Bookstore (334) 229-4143
  • Campus Police (334) 229-4400
  • Career Services (334) 229-4156
  • Counseling Center (334) 229-4382
  • Disability Services (334) 229-5134
  • Financial Aid (334) 229-4862
  • Housing and Residential Life (334) 229-4357
  • Mailroom (334) 229-4481
  • Student Accounts (334) 229-4218
  • Student Health (334) 229-4436
  • Veterans Benefits (334) 229-4846

Sending Your Kids to College

As a new or returning Hornet Nation Parent of Family member, your basket of emotions during this time in your child’s life include excitement, pride, joy, anticipation, and anxiety. You may want to hold on just a little longer and question when they should begin handling matters on their own. How often should you hear from them and when should you begin to worry about them if they do not make the standard Sunday afternoon call? How much money do they need for college extras in a week? A month?  Do I put them on a budget? Do I demand access to their school accounts?

Your student may change rapidly and others may take longer to make the college adjustment. He or she might seem shockingly independent at times and at others overly dependent. They may begin to make decisions without your guidance or advice. As you know from experience, this a normal part of becoming a responsible adult. It is referred to as launching - the stage in human development that involves providing a steady, loving, and supportive home base to which your son or daughter may return, yet allowing them space and freedom to find personal independence.

Alabama State University provides an environment to promote student independence, along with personal and academic achievement.  As a student-centered university with supportive and diverse faculty and staff, our partnership with our Parents and Families enables us to engage students throughout their ASU experience. This partnership and engagement help us to comprehensively develop all students. And that is why it is a great time to be a hornet. Welcome to Hornet Nation.

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