General Advisement and Schedule Information

New Students:

Advised and registered by University College Academic Advisors. Advisors review student’s academic records and pre-generate schedules for all new students to ASU unless they are DIRECT ADMITS to their major college. Advisors will inform students if they are identified as direct admits.


It is MANDATORY for new students (freshmen and transfer) to register and virtually attend a New Student Orientation (NSO) session unless EXEMPTED. NSO exemption is successful completion of 60+ transfer hours from an accredited institution. The Director of Academic Advising, Ms. Carolyn A. Stevens, approves NSO exceptions.  Schedules cannot be created until students register for NSO.


Schedules are pre-generated per the major identified through NSO registration. If major is not accurate, advisors will assist students with completing a Declaration of Major form. Also, if major is not accurate, advisors will check class schedules for changes.


Schedules are only pre-generated the first semester of attendance. After the first semester, all advisement/registration sessions are with student’s assigned advisor one on one.


Transfer Students:

Advised by Transfer Student Coordinator in the Academic Advisement Center. Depending on the number of accepted transferrable hours to ASU, transfer students are advised by the Transfer Student Coordinator on our team and in some cases may be referred to their major college advisor for additional advisement. Registration assistance available.


Returning and Continuing Students

Advised by University College advisors. Returning and continuing students are advised by Advisors on our team until required criteria to EXIT to the major college are met. Registration assistance available.



Advised by University College academic advisors. An advisor on our team advises students who have not declared a major or are unsure of a major. Registration assistance available.


Advisors will provide extensive guidance/info on major options at ASU. Advisors will also refer students to the Career Services Center and/or major colleges for additional information and guidance.


Focus2Career Assessment: The Academic Center for Educational Success (ACES) Office offers this assessment for students who need assistance with selecting a major and who want to know more about the major selected.



If students decide not to attend Alabama State University, it is their responsibility to contact the Office of  Records and Registration (334-229-4243) by the first day of classes to officially cancel enrollment/classes.

Not cancelling enrollment/classes at ASU may affect your registration and financial aid at another institution. Withdrawal form available online.