First Year Freshmen Courses

1st Year Freshmen Courses (sample)



Mandatory for all freshmen

Transfer students are EXEMPT if they have passed an equivalent ORI 100 course and course is transferrable to ASU

ENGLISH COMPOSITION (placement determined by test scores)

MATH 136/137/165 (placement determined by test scores and Major)

Math 136: Finite Mathematics

Math 137: Pre-Calculus Algebra

Math 165: Pre-Calculus Trigonometry


READING (only if needed; placement determined by test scores)


MUS 121 - Music Appreciation or ART 131 - Art Appreciation or THE 111 - Introduction to Theatre Arts (only one is required and based on major)


HIS 131 - World History I


BIO 127 - General Biology I/BIOL 127 - General Biology I Lab; CHE 141 - General Chemistry I w/Lab (based on major)


CMS 205 - Public Speaking


PSY 251 - General Psychology



Transfer student’s courses are based on accepted transfer credits and major requirements.