Faculty Experts


Alabama State University’s faculty experts offer expertise on a wide variety of subject matters and are available to offer information and perspectives to members of the media who may be researching or writing about these subjects. Please contact the Public Information Office at (334) 229-4104 to arrange an interview with one of our faculty experts.

View our list of experts:

African-American Culture & Literature

Dr. Ralph J. Bryson, Office: 229-4377
Professor of English and acting department chair of
Expertise: African-American Literature

Dr. AnnMarie Depas, Office: 229-4479
Assistant professor of English and chair of Advancement Studies
Expertise: African-American literature, the Harlem Renaissance, business and professional writing

Dr. Virginia Bell, Office: 229-4748
Instructor of English
Expertise: African-American literature, the Harlem Renaissance

Dr. Frank Moorer, Office: 229-4472
Professor of Humanities
Expertise: African American literature and culture, known professionally via numerous workshops and publications on the subject

Arts: Theatre, Dance, Pop Culture & Hollywood

Dr. Tommie “Tonea” Stewart, Office: 229-4184 or 229-6929
Chair of ASU’s Department of Theatre Arts, working actor
Expertise: Acting, directing, theatre, song & dance, performance arts, Hollywood
Stewart has appeared in such well-known films as A Time to Kill (1996) and movies Mississippi Burning (1988), I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1979), Roll of Thunder, Hear Me Cry (1978), Nightmare in Badham County (1976) and much more. She is most known for her recurring role as Aunt Etta in the TV drama In the Heat of the Night.

Ms. Donna Edwards Todd, Office: 229-6989
Instructor of Theatre and Dance
Expertise: Theatre, dance, performing arts in academia, history of African-Americans in the arts

Dr. Michael Howley, Office: 229-4278
Assistant professor of English and the Humanities
Expertise: Theatre, drama, dramatic literature, history of theatre, acting, production, classical theatre, poetry, prose, dramatic criticism of plays, movies and productions

Art: Painting, Ceramics & Design

Mr. Stephen Cappelli, Office: 229-4185
Chair of ASU’s Department of Visual arts
Expertise: Art, paintings, design, ceramics, art education, artists’ methods

Dr. Christopher Greenman, Office: 229-6966
Associate professor of art
Expertise: Visual arts, ceramics, art education

Ms. Charmagne Andrews, Office: 229-4600
Assistant professor of art
Expertise: African-American art history and sculpture

Mr. Cleve Webber, Office: 229-4397
Associate professor in visual arts
Expertise: Printmaking and painting

Ms. Jacqueline Webber, Office: 229-4181
Assistant professor of visual arts
Expertise: Graphic Design

Business System Applications & Multimedia

Dr. Sun – Gi Chun, Office: 229-6800, Cell: 334-294-7676
Associate professor of computer information systems
Expertise: Business system applications, multimedia, radio frequency identification. He is also fluent in Korean.

Cancer & Autoimmune Diseases

Dr. Manoj K. Mishra, Office: 229-5085
Assistant professor of biology, nationally acclaimed research scientist, editorial board member of Experimental Medicine Magazine
Expertise: Cancer research, autoimmune diseases, tumor biology

Ms. Sabita Saidanha, Office: 229-5084
Senior biology lab instructor
Expertise: Cancer biology, molecular biology and technology.

Cartoons & Cartoon Gag-Writing

Mr. Coke Ellington, Office: 229-4118
Instructor of Communications
Expertise: Has contributed gags/ideas which have been used by many of the nation’s most prominent cartoon illustrators of such well known cartoons as “Frank & Ernest,” “Berry’s World,” and “Rhymes with Orange.”


Dr. Douglas Strout, Office: 229-4718
Associate professor of chemistry
Expertise: Expert on chemistry applications, including law enforcement, industrial, educational, toxic spills and other topics

Civil Rights Movement (Nationwide & Alabama

Dr. Howard Robinson, Office: 229-4491
Archivist, Assistant professor of history
Expertise: All matters pertaining to the history of the Civil Rights Movement nationwide, with a specialty in those events that occurred in Alabama; African-American culture and library media issues

Computers, Information Management & Technology

Dr. Kamal Hingorani, Office: 229-4125
Professor and chair of ASU’s computer information systems
Expertise: Database management, business systems, web-based technology and business information systems

Ms. Nasrin Danesh, Office: 229-6801
Professor of computer information systems
Expertise: Computer information systems; also fluent in Farsi (an Iranian language and Turkish)

Mr. Donald Woodard, Office: 229-6840, Cell
Instructor of computer information systems
Expertise: Web development, small business development, large business SAP-ERP and government contracting

Dr. Iraj Danesh, Office: 229-4355
Professor of computer science
Expertise: Expert in all applications relating to computer science

Dr. Jiin Wang, Office: 229-6926
Professor of computer information services
Expertise: Computer programming, application software and web design

Crime, Criminal Justice, Prisons & Corrections

Dr. Larry Spencer, Office: 229-4321
Attorney and assistant professor of criminal justice with 20-year background working within federal corrections system
Expertise: Criminality, prisons, crimes, the justice system

Chief Henry C. Davis, Office: 229-4400
Chief of ASU’s police department and a 24-year veteran of the Montgomery Police Department, where he was a major and commander of its SWAT and special operations team
Expertise: Law enforcement protocol, procedures, criminal justice, hostage and active shooter situations

Economic Development & International Business

Dr. Kamal Hingorani, Office: 229-4125
Professor and chair of ASU’s computer information systems department; one of only five certified business professionals in Alabama (CGBP)
Expertise: International business practices, new and expanding businesses in Alabama


Dr. Joseph Freedman, Office: 229-5060
Professor of education
Expertise: The history and philosophy of education and the history of universities

Dr. E. Beverley Jones, Office: 229-8829
Professor of education finance, policy, law and leadership
Expertise: Education, finance, policy, law and leadership

Ethics & Religion

Dr. Daniel Keller, Office: 229-6875
Professor of philosophy and religion; ordained Methodist minister; author of several books including a publication on the use of humor as therapy
Expertise: Ethics cases, public discussions of morality and certain areas concerning the morality of issues before the public

Film, 20th Century Popular Culture, Including Cult Films, Horror, Sci-Fi & Comic Books

Dr. Nathaniel Allen, Office: 229-6855
Associate professor of fine art, artist who has exhibited works throughout the south
Expertise: Unusual and obscure films, comic books, cultural icons and visionary imagery

Mr. Mark Hill, Office: 229-4335
Instructor of English
Expertise: Popular culture, film studies and cultural issues

Foreign Policy/National Security & the Middle East

Dr. William L. Dowdy, Office: 229-4361
Professor of political science, former Naval Intelligence officer, military defense analyst and war college professor
Expertise: The Middle East, including the current conflicts in Iran, Afghanistan, as well as the Arab-Israeli conflict; also versed on international relations and the American government

Grammar & Linguistics

Dr. Linda Holladay, Office: 229-4409
Assistant professor of English
Expertise: All matters pertaining to grammar and linguistics

Health, Exercise, Fitness

Dr. Charlie Gibbons, Office: 229-4525
Associate professor in ASU’s Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department
Expertise: Physical fitness, health-related behaviors, exercise and obesity

Dr. LaShunda Smith, Office: 229-8402
Interim chair and instructor in Health Information Management Department
Expertise: Healthcare and health information management

Library Issues & Technology

Dr. Janice Franklin, Office: 229-4106
Dean of the university library and learning resource center
Expertise: Library science and technology issues

Mr. Cedric Davis, Office: 229-6998
Computer systems network coordinator
Expertise: Libraries and library technology

Marriage, Family & Counseling

Dr. Gladys Lyles-Gray, Office: 229-4362
Interim chair and professor of sociology
Expertise: Marriage, family and sociology

Dr. Necoal Driver, Office: 229-4456
Assistant professor of counseling, coordinator of counseling education programs, licensed practical counselor
Expertise: Counseling related issues


Dr. Carl Pettus, Office: 229-4484
Chair and assistant professor of mathematics
Expertise: mathematics

Dr. Fred Roush, Office: 229-4595
Professor of mathematics
Expertise: mathematics


Dr. Kara Washington, Office: 229-4141
Assistant professor of music education
Expertise: Music education

Dr. Doug Bristol, Office: 229-4207
Professor of music theory and technology, coordinator of jazz studies, ASCAP award-winning composer and arranger of music
Expertise: music, music theory and technology, jazz

Dr. Pamela Burns, Office: 229-4351
Professor of voice and choir
Expertise: The study, theory and practice of music

Mr. Ronald Handy, Office: 229-4347
Music media specialist, accomplished musician
Expertise: Musical performance, woodwinds, musical trends and studio performing techniques, music programs in public schools

Music, Rap, R&B, Entertainment Law

Dr. William Ashbourne, Office: 229-4381
Assistant professor of recording technology, former entertainment lawyer, former manager of musical groups of national importance
Expertise: music, music industry, hip hop and rap, R&B, entertainment law

Physical Therapy, Disability Programs & Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Steven Chesbro, Office: 229-7463
Chair of the department of physical therapy
Expertise: physical therapy education, techniques, applications, research, adult learner education

Politics, Historical Alabama Events, Civil Rights

Dr. Dorothy A. Autrey, Office: 229-4367
Professor of history, chair of ASU’s Department of History and Political Science
Expertise: American and Alabama civil rights history, current political, social and governmental events and how they relate to history

Polling Research & Demographics

Mr. Myles Mayberry, Office: 229-6024
Manager of demographic research services at ASU’s Center for Leadership and Public Policy
Expertise: Demographics, polling research, census data

Reading, Writing & Literacy

Dr. Evelyn Hodge, Office: 229-4619
Dean of University College, professor of reading
Expertise: Reading and literacy, professional development, adult literacy, and higher education

Dr. Parichart Gaston-Thornton, Office: 229-4256
Associate professor of reading education; structured a reading mentoring program now used as a model program across Alabama
Expertise: Reading fluency instruction, vocabulary and comprehension

Ms. Michele Dacus Carr, Office: 229-4177
Associate professor of English and humanities and
Expertise: Business and professional writing

Sales & Marketing

Mr. Charlie Hardy, Office: 229-5066
Instructor of Marketing
Expertise: Sales and marketing, organizational management, the free enterprise system

Science, Research, Microbiology, Virology, Molecular Biology, Nanobiotechnology

Dr. Shree R. Singh, Office: 220-4168
Associate professor of microbiology, acting chair of the department of biological sciences, director of
ASU’s Nanobiotechnology Center, nationally acclaimed research scientist
Expertise: Technology research, H1N1 Flu, biology and research to combat diseases and health problems

Dr. Hongzhuan Wu, Office: 229-4498
Assistant professor of biology
Expertise: H1N1 Flu, Avian (Bird Flu) Influenza

Dr. Omar Oyarzabal, Office: 229-8449
Associate professor of microbiology
Expertise: Life science

Dr. Shuntele Burns, Office: 229-7633
Associate professor of biology
Expertise: Entomological studies and biology

Dr. Diane Jordan, Office: 229-4169
Professor of science and math
Expertise: science, mathematics, African-American women scientists

Shakespeare & Renaissance Literature

Dr. Pauline Scott, Office: 229-4409
Associate professor of English, Renaissance scholar and recognized expert on Shakespeare
Expertise: History and literature of the 16thand 17th century

Southern & American Literature

Dr. Kathaleen Armende, Office: 229-4335
Assistant professor of contemporary southern and American literature
Expertise: Southern & American literature

Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Shreekumar Pillai, Office: 229-7501
He is an associate professor of biology
Expertise: Veterinary medicine

Dr. Gladstone Dzata, Office: 229-7612
Assistant professor of biology
Expertise: Veterinary medicine.

Weight, Obesity & Body Image

The Rev., Dr. E K Daufin, Office: 229-6885
Professor of communications
Expertise: weight, obesity and self-esteem, body image and holistic health.


Dr. Komal Vig, Office: 229-5132
Assistant professor of biology
Expertise: zoology