Brand Licensing & Trademarks

The purpose of Alabama State University's licensing program is to protect and enhance the University's brand identity by ensuring that only licensed and approved products display ASU trademarks. Our licensing program is responsible for determining if a product and design are consistent with the goals and images of the University, and to ensure the quality, liability, production, and distribution of products meet the University's standards.

Alabama State University trademarks are the property of the ASU and the Board of Trustees.

Learfield Licensing

Alabama State University in contracted with Learfield Licensing Partners an industry leader in trademark management and promotion. The primary functions of Learfield include: facilitating the licensing process for licensees, executing licensing agreements, collecting royalties and conducting compliance review audits of licensed manufacturers.

Alabama State University takes it’s Brand serious. We have a strong partnership with one of the industry’s best.  Learfield Licensing provides full license management services to more than 560 colleges and universities, athletic conferences and special properties nationwide. These services include:
•    Full License management
•    Royalty Collection and Accounting Services
•    Legal and Trademark Search/Registration Assistance
•    Complete Trademark Enforcement and Anti-Counterfeiting Services
•    Marking, Merchandising and Brand Development Services

Learfield Licensing Partners
8900 Keystone Crossing
Suite 605
Indianapolis, IN 46240
P: 314-669-0808

Does your Department or Office need give-a-ways and promotional items?                                               
Please contact the Auxiliary Enterprises Office at 334-229-4410.  We can help guide you through the ordering process or getting registered for game day. Our goal is to provide the best practices to properly protect and promote our brand.