Academic Advisement Center


Message from Director

WELCOME to the Academic Advisement and Resource Center.

On behalf of the Advising team, we want to say to our new students and our current students…wherever you are…BE SAFE.

In the Academic Advisement Center, you will find your assigned Academic Advisor, a wealth of University information, information about the seven major colleges at ASU, University forms/documents and student computer stations.

We also provide essential academic support services (see Academic Support Services) for new students, transfer students, continuing and returning students.

Please know, Academic Advisors play a major role in guiding students through their first year at ASU to ensure a successful first year academic experience.

Our most important and valuable academic support services are advisement, registration assistance, monitoring academic progress and making referrals to campus staff and resources.

Students, parents, staff and visitors are always welcome to visit the Academic Advisement and Resources Center, located in Paterson Hall, Room 228. Our hours are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (currently closed because of COVID-19).

You can also follow advisement on Instagram:  myasuadvise

I am available by phone during COVD-19. Please feel free to contact me (334) 229-8394.



Carolyn A. Stevens